French Movie Contest Winner

French Movie Contest Winner
How sweet it is! We have a winner for the Bonjour Paris Movie contest and Amarja Pawar and her husband Puneet will be guests of the Sofitel Luxury Hotel Group at one of their Paris properties for a glorious weekend. Amarja is from Pune (near Bombay/Mumbai). She and Puneet met virtually first. Their first real meeting was in Paris, where they fell in love. They were married in February 2010. Let’s raise a glass of champagne to our winner and to Sofitel for its special contribution. “Five years ago, this Indian (me) embarked on a courageous, adventurous and magnanimous journey to Paris, the land of love, lights and life! I’m currently living in the animated 11eme and was recently married. I’m a marketing professional working in higher education. The time spent in this enigmatic city has taught me to appreciate art, culture, films and mostly the language. Having learnt French in school, college plus a few courses at the Alliance Française, when facing the French especially Parisians, whose speed matches the TGV, my understanding and appreciate of the language improved by interacting with friends, who still correct me. Movies, casual reading and of course daily living here helps a lot because I need and want to speak French. Imagine trying to get a haircut and not knowing the word for ‘layered.’ The French are so artistic, innovative and the sense of ‘humour’ they have, is so superbly reflected in their movies. I’ve seen at least 15 each year for the past five years. They’ve made my transition into this whirlwind city (and the French language) much easier!” Please register HERE if you need a free Bonjour Paris user name and password and post comments.  

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