The Coattails of Cricketsong

The Coattails of Cricketsong
Summer is just around the French corner and the crickets are courting down here in Provence, inviting busybodies to slow down in time to feel the bucolic breeze and other summertime treats. Ease into the season with this hot weather hymn. “The Coattails of Cricketsong” As I write these words, I hear the whistle of a cricket just outside an open window.The insect’s song hijacks a cool morning breeze to steal into this quiet writing room and so assert summertime. This fresh minty morning with its lackadaisical “cricketing” counterbalances so much caffeinesuggesting a new rhythm:  Why not slow down this summer? Why not let go of the reins of rigidity, throw one’s arms up into the air, and latch on to the coattails of cricket song… Why not follow that beatnik breeze,arriving from beyond those waving trees its balmy kiss still wet on my cheek? Why not? Why not indeed. Kristin Espinasse is the author of “Words in a French Life” . Her blog, French Word-A-Day, began in 2002. She photographs the villages around her wine farm in Provence, where she lives with two Goldens, a Marseillais, and their Franco-American kids.   Paris Shuttle is the leading provider of pre-bookable airport transfers in Paris. Book your airport transfer with and save up to 30%. Please post your comments or questions and let them flow. Register HERE to do so if you need a Bonjour Paris user name and password.

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