C’est la Vie

Hay Ya’ll That’s how we say hello here in the south of France, isn’t it? Or are my Texas roots beginning to show? I’m writing to you all today because my book C’est la Vie has just gone onto the lower ranks of the best-seller list  (#36) and I am so excited I could pop– corks, seams,/admin/story/story/18024/ anything, everything. You probably remember the hard cover version– C’est la Vie is the story of my first year as a widow living in Paris– but now the paperback has been released. If you liked the book and want to buy one for a friend, or missed the book in hard cover, or were waiting for the more reasonable price of a paperback edition, I’d love it if you could buy a copy now. A little push just might get me into the tep ten. Then, when you come to France next, bring the book and we’ll set a date for a get-together– i’ll be happy to sign the book for you in person. Just e-mail me in advance– With thanks and love from Provence. SuzyKG
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