A Bonjour Paris recommendation : FRENCH KISS

A Bonjour Paris recommendation. FRENCH KISS — If you love Paris, you’ll love this movie, period, the end.  If you adore Meg Ryan, all the better. And if you can’t get enough of Kevin Kline, then this might just end up being one of your top ten favorite movies of all time. Short synopsis: Kate (Meg Ryan) is afraid to fly.  Her fiance,  Charlie (played by Timothy Hutton), is not.  Right before their wedding, Charlie goes to France on business, but falls in love with a French woman (Susan Anbeh) instead.  Charlie calls Kate, calls of the wedding, and Kate calls the airlines.  She’s going to get him back, even if it means flying.  Enter Luc (Kevin Kline with a perfect Frenchman-speaking-English accent), a rogue pickpocket. Kate has to sit next to him on the airplane and loathes him from the get-go. The real story begins at CDG airport, when Luc slips something into Kate’s backpack. After they are ot of the airport, he tries to get it back, but he can’t. So he follows her. She can’t stand him, yet he keeps turning up. From there, Kate tries to get Charlie, and Luc tries to get Kate’s backpack. Eventually, Luc helps Kate fix things… but not in the way she had thought; and she helps him, but not in the way he had thought.  Delightful movie. Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, the soundtrack will make you swoon.  Van Morrison sings Someone Like You; Louis Armstrong hits his stride in Vie en Rose; Ella Fitzgerald does her Ella best on I Love Paris; and so much more. Sexiest of all is Kevin Kline singing Mer — a real don’t-miss. True Story: this film is so romantic that when one of our editors watched it with a Frenchman, he proposed to her on the spot.  Bonjour Paris recommendation To order the DVD: click here To order the CD: click here
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