7 Paris 16th restaurants: Matta, Maree Passy, Creperie Chez Yannick, Passy Mandarin & more

7 Paris 16th restaurants: Matta, Maree Passy, Creperie Chez Yannick, Passy Mandarin & more
Bonjour from 34,000 feet, where I am somewhere over the Atlantic, already missing my Paris neighborhood in the 16th arrondissement, especially the handful of restaurants that have enchanted me. Irrespective of the food, rue de Passy stands alone as worth a visit simply for shopping. This area is also one mere metro stop from Trocadéro, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Family Café Where to go for: A bit of everything, beautiful but no-fuss presentation, comfortable outdoor seating on a charming market street. The menu is a veritable steal at 21 euro for a main dish, dessert, and coffee, that one ends up hard pressed to finish. The Millefeuille glacé for dessert was so heavenly it even converted this macaron-skeptic into a believer. Tél: 01 45 25 95 55 35, rue Annonciation, Paris 16th Open: Monday through Saturday 12-10pm and Sunday 11am-3pm La Marée Passy Where to go for: Seafood. Sums it up, right? I grew up in Portland, Maine, so take it on faith that I know seafood. Subtle seasonings, impeccable freshness, a knowledgeable staff, and charming nautical setting make this the special setting to take guests you want to impress. Plus, I almost drowned in an exquisite bowl of bouillabaisse…that good! Tél: 01 45 04 12 81 71, avenue Paul Doumer, Paris 16th Métro: Passy or La Muette La Matta Where to go for: Pure pizza perfection. Even as a young female who doesn’t order the priciest thing on the menu, they always go out of their way to make me feel at home. This is the comfort zone I retreat to after a tough day at the office. Get delivery too—it beats the Dominos down the block! Tél: 01 4050 0466 23, rue Annonciation, Paris 16th Métro: Passy or La Muette Crêperie Chez Yannick Where to go for: Casual and cozy crêpes and cidre. Also try the kir Breton—what could be better than hard cider mixed with crème de cassis? There are assuredly cheaper places for a crêpe, but come here for a crêpe the way a crêpe should be. Plus, your eyes will fall out of your head trying to decide between all of the choices both on the savory and sugary sides of the aisle. Tél: 01 46 47 70 34 33, rue Annonciation, Paris 16th Métro: Passy or La Muette La Rotonde de la Muette Where to go for: A beautiful French brasserie, decked out in her finest red velour, striking columns, mirrors, with refined food. It’s pricey, but a destination where décor (and perhaps the madeleines that come with the coffee) seal the deal…. Tél: 01 45 24 45 45 12, Chaussée de la Muette, Paris 16th Métro: La Muette Le Passy Where to go for: Relaxed but sophisticated after-work drinks. The food (French, with a well-balanced menu of fish, meat, poultry, pastas, etc.) is solid. Popular with early morning patrons sipping coffee, nibbling croissants, and casually reading the paper, as well as late afternoon clients unwinding after work, this place never disappoints. Tél: 01 42 88 31 02 2, rue de Passy, Paris 16th Métro: Passy Passy Mandarin Where to go for: Rumor has it this is where Joêl Robuchon goes. The canard laqué (like everything else, honestly) is sublime. While dinner can get a twinge pricey, lunch is downright affordable, especially the menu. Open since 1976 and with good reason. Tél: 01 42 88 12 18 6, rue Bois-le-Vent, Paris 16th Métro: Passy or La Muette Subscribe for FREE weekly newsletters with subscriber-only content. BonjourParis has been a leading France travel and French lifestyle site since 1995.   Readers’ Favorites: Top 100 Books, imports & more at our Amazon store Alec Lobrano’s “Hungry for Paris” (updated in 2010) & these books steer you to sites worth crossing an ocean to visit.               Thank you for using our link to Amazon.com…we appreciate your support of our site.
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