For Sale: 2 bedroom apartment in the Marais

For Sale: 2 bedroom apartment in the Marais

Maison Chapon is a newly renovated, professionally decorated, fully furnished stylishly chic 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom in the vibrantly chic and historically notable Marais District, on the border of the Third and Fourth Arrondissements. Ideally situated on Rue Chapon, a quiet and secure street, just blocks from the Centre Pompidou, it boasts a central location close to numerous tourist attractions, luxury shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks. Excellent nearby transport connections, including metro stations and bus stops, ensure optimal accessibility for exploring the city and its surroundings.

This Fractional Ownership is a model of co-ownership that allows you to maximize the enjoyment of owning a vacation home in Paris without the cost and hassle of maintaining a vacation home overseas. Each owner legally owns a fraction of the apartment and is able to sell, transfer or bequeath their share (renting is prohibited). An Owners Association, Inc. is established as a non-profit corporation, and its bylaws govern the usage of the home and group. Each share has one vote and you may purchase as many shares as you wish. There are 13 shares, designated A-M, each of which entitles the owner to a total of four weeks usage per year. The four weeks are divided into two two-week blocks, about six months apart. Each year the usage calendar advances by ten weeks allowing owners to experience different seasons. Full details provided with the ownership package to interested parties.

Maison Chapon shares are priced at $170,000.

Property price: $170,000

Property reference: FRE95531

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