Photo Essay: Ultramod, a Parisian Haberdashery Straight out of the Past

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Photo Essay: Ultramod, a Parisian Haberdashery Straight out of the Past
Photographers like myself “live for” the small discoveries that are hidden in plain sight. One such place is tucked away in the 2nd arrondissment between the Palais Royal and the Opéra Garnier. Situated at 14 Rue Monsigny are two shops called Ultramod. Step inside la mercerie and you will feel as if you have stepped back in time. The wooden floors are delightfully creaky and the walls are loaded with sewing supplies of all kinds. If you are a sewing enthusiast, it’s a dream come true: boxes and drawers filled with what seems like every imaginable button, ribbon, yarn and thread. Walk just across the street to the millinery shop and wander among hat forms, brims, crowns, trims, veils and flowers while you imagine a one of a kind chapeau.     The sales staff is friendly, helpful and are kind enough to allow photographs. I hope you will find Ultramod as unique as promised.  

Lead photo credit : Ultramod in Paris by Photographer Virginia Jones

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In 2007, Virginia Jones visited Paris for the first time. This former teacher credits that trip with her new career in photography and love of the City of Light. After her second trip in 2008, she created Paris Through My Lens, a daily photoblog. She travels to Paris once a year to photograph and has had her work published in a number of online sites and magazines. At home, she teaches photography classes, gives phototalks on Paris and her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and is currently working on Photos in French, a resource for French teachers, using her images of Paris gathered during her 11 trips to the city she considers her second home. Check out her Paris photography blog:


  • kerstin hallert
    2015-07-09 17:42:58
    kerstin hallert
    Magic pictures thank you! There is a lovely catalogue with great photos and texts in French and English on such magic shops all over Paris called: "Paris boutiques d´antan et toujours, Paris´old favourite boutiques", published by Parigramme and available on Amazon. 14.90 euros


  • Karen
    2015-07-01 18:25:23
    Reminds me of the shops back in NZ. There are places here in the US that still have those lovely little shops..


  • Nadege
    2015-06-28 04:20:26
    What a fun place!