Paris Vignettes: Nighttime in Montmartre

Paris Vignettes: Nighttime in Montmartre

The Paris Vignettes series features the inspired work of street photographer William “Bill” O’Such in themed installments

I hadn’t explored Montmartre at night in quite some time, and as I emerged from the Lamarck – Caulaincourt station, I found myself stepping into an enchanting evening. A staircase beckoned me upward (“escalier vers la lumiere”). Strolling along rue Caulaincourt, the cafes (“chez ginette” “montmartrois”) were just beginning to lure diners.

As I meandered along the street, a set of classic stairs captivated my attention (“vers la haut Montmartre”). Though tempted to ascend, I resisted, knowing that friends awaited me for dinner. Hurrying past bicycles (“vélos le nuit”) under the night sky, I caught sight of a couple engaged in conversation, descending the stairs (“descendant”) just before arriving at my destination. It was then that I resolved to return sooner than later, recognizing the magical allure of Montmartre that reveals itself at night.

A few days later, when I returned to climb the hill, gentle raindrops (“au lapin agile”) began to fall, adding a shimmer to the streets. Passing by a renowned restaurant (“la maison rose”), umbrellas had unfurled (“apres un pluie”), adding to the ambiance. There’s nothing like savoring the charms of Montmartre in the evening (“bonne nuit Montmartre”).

apres un pluie, Photo Credit: William O’Such

au lapin agile, Photo Credit: William O’Such

bonne nuit montmartre, Photo Credit: William O’Such

chez ginette, Photo Credit: William O’Such

cordonnerie artisanale, Photo Credit: William O’Such

descendant, Photo Credit: William O’Such

montmartrois, Photo Credit: William O’Such

la maison rose, Photo Credit: William O’Such

rIta un sacré coeur, Photo Credit: William O’Such

vélos le nuit, Photo Credit: William O’Such

vers la haut montmartre, Photo Credit: William O’Such

Lead photo credit : escalier vers la lumiere, Photo Credit: William O'Such

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William was introduced to silver halide photography by his father, Chester J. O’Such, via the family’s Ansco reflex camera and home darkroom. After college, William worked as a photographic engineer at Eastman Kodak, where he began to learn the art of photography. With his first SLR, a Canon AE-1, he photographed his inaugural voyage to Paris in 1982. This early spark turned into full passion when William became a Kodak expatriate in Paris from 1995-99. Before returning to the USA, William and his future wife Ineke bought an apartment in the Marais district. Inspired by Bresson, William continues to visit Paris at least twice a year to wander the streets, camera in hand, looking for the next vignette. His photos are available for sale by visiting