Christmas in Paris: The Magical Decorations at Galeries Lafayette

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Christmas in Paris: The Magical Decorations at Galeries Lafayette
Every year, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, the prestigious Paris department store, pulls out all the stops to celebrate the holiday season. The unveiling of the Christmas tree, glittering beneath the Art Nouveau glass dome, is eagerly anticipated by Parisians. As seen through the lens of photographer Virginia Jones, the grand magasin decks its halls with sparkling decor. This year’s theme is “Experience Christmas through Another Planet,” as Galeries Lafayette has teamed up with Star Wars for exhibitions and events. The window displays– known to stop passing traffic on the boulevards– are filled with robots and spaceships: an “intergalactic world.” Draped with planet-like baubles, the Christmas tree is described as “cosmic.”

Lead photo credit : An intergalactic Christmas at Galeries Lafayette in Paris/ by Virginia Jones

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In 2007, Virginia Jones visited Paris for the first time. This former teacher credits that trip with her new career in photography and love of the City of Light. After her second trip in 2008, she created Paris Through My Lens, a daily photoblog. She travels to Paris once a year to photograph and has had her work published in a number of online sites and magazines. At home, she teaches photography classes, gives phototalks on Paris and her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and is currently working on Photos in French, a resource for French teachers, using her images of Paris gathered during her 11 trips to the city she considers her second home. Check out her Paris photography blog:


  • Christie
    2015-12-17 20:12:33
    I recently was in in Paris and enjoyed Galeries Lafayette. There are reflections of Paris on


  • Mary Nicklin
    2015-12-04 09:35:22
    Mary Nicklin
    Dorothy, Thank you so much for your comment, and your support of Bonjour Paris. I encourage you to peruse the website to see our coverage of the tragic recent events, as we have been profoundly affected and our contributors have shared personal stories and reactions. We have had hundreds of comments on this story alone ("Our Thoughts are with the People of Paris"): My personal essay: A celebration of Paris in the wake of tragedy by photographer Meredith Mullins: Why visit Paris now by contributor Kate Robinson:


  • Dorothy S Clark
    2015-12-03 23:45:15
    Dorothy S Clark
    I love the city, the photos you have posted here, many of your stories, the information you provide. I plan to visit again in May. Still--Is this newsletter completely disconnected from reality? I see no mention at all of the recent attacks. No tributes, no memorials, no acknowledgment of the tragedies. Why not?