17th: Batignolles, Monceau

17th: Batignolles, Monceau
Paris – 17th Arrondissement Lovers of French Impressionist Claude Monet’s work will want the Parc de Monceau to be a must-do on their Paris trip, as some of his most important works were painted here. Situated on the boulevard de Courcelles, the Parc Monceau was designed in the late 18th century as an English garden. There are delightful surprises around every bend: a windmill, a pyramid, an Oriental fort, les colonnades, a grand rotunda, an Art Nouveau entrance gate, gorgeous flowers in season, quite a few playgrounds and statues of famous figures peppered throughout. All this and it comes with free Wi-Fi access, too. Surrounding the park is a very fashionable neighborhood, with wide boulevards lined by majestic townhouses. Also in the 17th arrondissement, the Batignolles neighborhood still attracts artists (and a large share of bobos) for its village charm and laid-back atmosphere. Check out this feature in France Today to learn more.    

Lead photo credit : Parc Monceau via Wikimedia/ Guillaume Jacquet

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