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 52 rue de Rivoli Paris 75004

The Bazaar de l'Hôtel de Ville carries fashion, books, electronic goods and home furnishings, but it’s best known as a do-it-yourself and home decorating paradise. BHV Homme, nearby at 36 rue de la Verrerie offers four floors devoted to men’s fashion and accessories; and BHV La Cave, at 13 rue des Archives, is a wine lover’s warehouse.

Catacombes de Paris

 1 ave du Colonel Henri Roi-Tanguy Paris 14th Métro: Denfert-Rochereau

An extensive network of underground passages, originally quarries, later the resting place of the tightly packed bones of six million people, transferred here in the late 18th century. An extraordinary sight, but not for the claustrophobic. Over two hundred steps and a little over a mile to walk. Bring a flashlight and don't take a bone souvenir; bags are searched at the exit. Closed Mon.

Crypte Archéologique du Parvis Notre-Dame

 7 place Jean-Paul II Parvis Notre-Dame Paris 4th Métro: Cité, Saint Michel

Under the square in front of Notre Dame cathedral, the archeological remains of the ancient Gallo-Roman city, discovered during excavations between 1965 and 1977. Vestiges of streets and houses, with scale models showing the evolution of the city from the Roman era. Closed Mon.

L’Ours du Marais

 9 Rue Alasseur Paris 75015

A shop entirely devoted to teddy bears, dressed up in every conceivable fashion, including full Napoleon regalia.

La Chambre aux Confitures

 9 rue des Martyrs Paris 75009 Métro: Notre Dame de Lorette, Saint Georges

Following a lifelong passion, Lise Bienaimé devotes herself full-time to creating an amazing of seasonal preserves: “winter citrus” includes four types of orange marmalade, with a delectable variation lightly perfumed with fleur d’oranger. Summer fruit flavors include raspberry and rose, red or black cherry, gariguette strawberry, hazelnut and melon and five kinds of apricot. The fruit content is very high, with only enough sugar to preserve freshness. And everything in the store can be sampled.
Chalcographie du Louvre

Chalcographie du Louvre

 Librairie-Boutiques of the Musée du Louvre Carrousel du Louvre Paris 75001 Métro: Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre

Some 13,000 prints from the Louvre's collection, printed on museum-quality paper. The most popular prints—botanical prints, maps of pre-and post-Haussmannian Paris, engravings of Napoleon's campaigns in Egypt, prints from the historic galleries of Versailles—are already in stock; others can be printed to order.
Odile Texier

Odile Texier

 18, rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

Odile Texier is an interior designer based in Paris who draws on her prodigious visualization capacities to imagine a new décor that is in harmony with the present architecture and the highly personal tastes of the client.

Musée National du Moyen Age–Musée Cluny

 6 place Paul-Painlevé Paris 75005 Métro: Cluny-La Sorbonne.

A wonderful museum of medieval history and art, including the renowned Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, housed in a resplendent 15th-century residence built on top of immense early Roman baths.

Victoria Christmas

 39-41 galerie Vivienne Paris 75002

Babywear in organically-grown Japanese cotton and all-natural dyes, and hypoallergenic infant cologne.


 6 rue de Tournon Paris 75006

Beautiful and expensive childrenswear, accessories and fragrances in the huge flagship shop of this international label launched in Paris in 1975 by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen. Installed in a 17th-century private mansion surrounding a courtyard garden, the shop includes a life-sized log cabin playhouse and a chic café-restaurant downstairs.
Centre Commercial

Centre Commercial

 2 rue de Marseille Paris 75010 Métro Bonsergent

Near the Canal Saint Martin, a shop dedicated to fair trade, the organic and the environmentally friendly, with Danish fishermen's sweaters, Aveyronnais shepherd's leather bags, Veja sneakers made from ecological cotton and Amazonian rubber from Brazil. It's all bobo chic, contemporary and timeless.

Bibliothèque Nationale

 5 rue de Vivienne Paris 75002, Métro: Bourse and 11 quai François-Mauriac, 75013 Paris, Métro: Quai de la Gare

The French national library, offering regular temporary art and history exhibits, now divided between the 19th-century Richelieu site and the new glass towers of the Mitterrand site. Both locations closed Sun am and Mon.
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