The Ultimate Fall Travel Guide to Paris

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The Ultimate Fall Travel Guide to Paris
While all seasons draw people to Paris, fall is a particularly exciting time. La rentrée — when kids go back to school and their parents back to work after the long summer vacation — brings a buzzing cultural season with museum exhibitions and events. Plus, a lot of hotly anticipated restaurants and hotels choose to open at this time. From packing tips to the best things to do, we have you covered this season with our ultimate fall guide. What to Pack To some, the fall is considered one of the best times to stroll the streets of Paris. Autumnal looks are on full display. The key to handling the changes in weather and temperature is layering. Here’s a basic packing list to ensure you fit in. Packing for Paris © Laura Chouette, Unsplash Trenchcoat: In Paris, you always have to be prepared for rainy days, and being fashionable is a must even in the pluie. Oh, and if you’re looking for a stylish umbrella, check out our guide here. Basics: Keep it simple and go for layering. Items like black tops, white turtlenecks, and basic sweaters will be your best friend. An easy go-to, that you can dress up or down. Typically, up. Boots: Along with your other shoes, a pair of boots you can walk in will go a long way. This prepares you for rain, colder weather, and anything nature is leaving behind in the streets. Dark Jeans: You’ll want to retire the flowy skirts in place of pants now. Dark colors work well with various tops and jackets. Jeans are always in style. Other types of dark pants are good substitutes but keep things simple and classy. Sweaters: Fashion’s best friend! This is the perfect season for sweaters. Pullover, cardigan, you name it. They’ll keep you warm while also providing the effortless simple look and can help keep any outfit classy when needing a little extra layer. Scarves: Enough said.

Lead photo credit : The Seine in Fall © Florian Peeters at Unsplash

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