9 Items to Pack for a Winter Trip to Paris

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9 Items to Pack for a Winter Trip to Paris

We’re currently in the depths of winter – after the fun end-of-year festivities are finis – but many people are capitalizing on the lower-priced winter flight prices to Paris to plot a grand adventure in the City of Light and beyond. After all, the off season is one of the best times to enjoy Paris. If you’re one of those lucky souls who has a trip abroad in your future, we’ve got you covered for your ultimate packing list for your winter trip. Here’s a round-up of some Paris winter essentials you’ll want to pack in your suitcase.

A Jaw-Dropping Glam Dress or Skirt or Suit

Beginning with dessert first is always more fun. So, let’s start with the “dessert” of your suitcase and your packing. Sure, of course, you’ll need a chic scarf and boots and a coat and all that jazz, but you’re in Paris! The primary fashion capital of the world! Pack yourself at least one showstopper or two. You deserve it. And take yourself somewhere special – like a performance at Opera Garnier or at a Paris cabaret – where you can show off this glamorous and dazzling look. Be it a gown, a skirt, a chic tailored suit, or whatever makes you feel most glam, be sure to pack it. Because there’s no better excuse for dressing to the nines than: “I’m in Paris. Alors, pourquoi pas?

A Stylish Long Coat

Winter months require coats in most places, and Paris is no exception. You’ll want to pack – better yet, wear it on the plane to save room in your suitcase – a long winter coat. Something elegant and evergreen, like a camel-colored or black floor-length wool coat is an ideal addition for this trip.

A Pair of Winter Gloves

Spare your hands. Winter days in Paris can get bitterly cold. Pack your chicest pair of gloves – leather and faux leather are good ways to elevate a winter look – to keep your hands warm and protected as you zip from museum to touring around to shopping and back again. (French leather glovemaker Agnelle, based in Saint-Junien, is known for its high-quality gloves.)

A Pair of Boots

Boots – heeled or flat – will be needed. Wear boots to protect your dresses and trousers from any rain or winter elements. Bonus: They up your style factor, too. Black boots tend to go with anything and are the most versatile, so a go-to pair of black flat or heeled boots will be the perfect footwear for your Paris trip.

A Cozy Scarf

Big and cozy winter scarves are a great way to stay warm and cozy, and look chic in the process. The bigger, the more overstated, the better. A scarf can be functional as much as it is fashionable. So, the more over-the-top it is, the more fun you can have with it, fashion-wise.

A Pop of Color

You may want to use your scarf or another accessory – like earrings, a watch, a tie, or sunglasses – to add a pop of color to your Paris wardrobe. We’re awash in greys, creams, blacks, dark blues, and other wintery, subdued colors during winter. But you don’t have to stick to a winter-appropriate color palette while you’re making your packing list. Opt for a pop or splash of color to give a burst of colorful life to your suitcase and your looks for Paris.

A Chic Sweater

Winter is peak sweater season, and that means your suitcase will probably include a sweater or two. And while they do occupy a lot of suitcase real estate space, sweaters are always worth the effort, in my opinion. You can dress them up or down, and they’re an easy way to convey your sense of style. So pick one or two of your favorite sweaters and stuff them in your bag. It’ll feel so warm and cozy to sit in your fluffy sweater in a Paris café sipping a mug of hot coffee or a glass of wine.

A Pair of Trousers

Don’t forget a pair of trousers or even jeans. You can effortlessly pair them with your cozy sweaters, stylish scarves, and more. If you’re feeling bold and daring, do like this pair did and go for a metallic or neon color on your trousers.

Travel Umbrella

You’ll likely encounter some rain (or maybe even a light dusting of snow) on your winter trip to Paris. So come prepared and bring a small travel umbrella with you. Ideally, pack one that is lightweight and doesn’t take up too much room in your travel bag. There are way more fun things to occupy space in your bag than umbrellas – so best to pick a “brolly” that is light, small, and portable.

Lead photo credit : Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

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  • Ellen A
    2023-02-16 06:39:34
    Ellen A
    Excellent suggestions! It also never hurts to pack a lightweight duffle to accommodate the additional clothing you may buy while in Paris!