Spring Street Style Looks in the Rues of Paris

Spring Street Style Looks in the Rues of Paris

Spring fashion is officially here, as spring is underway in Paris and blossoms are blooming. Hems get a little higher, sleeves get a little lighter, the sunglasses come back out, and there’s a playful style energy in the air.

Paris is a fashion capital of the world, and so it’s no wonder that you find residents and visitors flexing their spring-style muscle right now. Here are some of the best style trends we’re spotting on the rues of Paris at the moment; most of them are easy to replicate, so give ‘em a go if you’re feeling bold and want to try out your own Paris street style.

Monochrome Outfits

Monochrome looks always have a place in fashion. This is not a new trend or specific to 2023; after all, what says elegance and sophistication quite like an all-black ensemble? Monochrome looks are in the air in Paris, and we’re loving it.

Digital creator Ingrid Wilkinson, who describes herself online as a “Swedish Londoner,” may not be a Parisian, but she has the elevated style of a Parisian down pat. The all-white ensemble of a long white skirt, a white tee shirt with a fun design plus shoulder pads, coupled with her cream-colored sneakers and white sunglasses, are the perfect spring look. No doubt she’s having a ball soaking up the sun on Rue de Rivoli.


Pastel Colors

Pastels! It doesn’t really get more “spring” than florals and pastels. I, for one, am loving this mint green pastel furry jacket. It’s the perfect va-va-voom look for Paris and a great statement piece to wear over an elegant cocktail dress with strappy heels. Pastels are a great way to lighten up any look and add a sense of fun and brightness.


Berets (Yes, Berets!)

Yes, people are wearing berets in Paris – and I don’t think it’s being done ironically! Netflix blockbuster Emily in Paris featured the protagonist, Emily, regularly wearing different color berets, so some might assume that Emily’s fashion sense rubbed off on Parisians and tourists.


Yes, berets have always been associated with France and Paris, but there’s something about this prominent return of the beret that feels markedly more modern, en vogue, and dare I say it – cool?


Style-Conscious Detailing

As anyone who has bought a car knows, it’s all about the details. The little finishing touches. The hidden delights. And the same goes for style. I love when I’m observing someone’s fashion and notice elegant detailing or fun surprises, like a single sticker or gem on a painted fingernail or a hint of tulle beneath the layering of a dress or skirt.


Style-conscious detailing, like those pictured above and below, includes unique belts, unexpected pops of color, ruffled socks, and more. Bold cuff bracelets, swinging earrings, and statement-making rings pair so well with laid-back looks like a sweater and a messy bun with sunnies.



Suits are still very much in, and we’re seeing them around Paris. Women wearing men’s suits – or masculine-looking suits made for women – are very trendy right now, particularly suit-style shorts paired with blazers. For a real statement-making look, go for a bright, saturated color like hot pink, or a pastel like baby blue.



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Cowboy Boots

You may not hear Paris and think “cowboy boots,” but frankly, anything goes in Paris when it comes to street style. That’s why I loved spotting this woman’s post of her enjoying the Paris sun while wearing knee-high brown cowboy boots with a corset-style (perhaps Bridgerton-inspired) denim dress. I’m getting Shania-Twain-comes-to-Paris vibes, and it’s quite a fun look.



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Classic French Looks

While cowboy boots are not so classically French, some French looks never die and are always in fashion and in season. A marinière shirt, like the red one pictured here, is classically French. (Even though it’s more typical to see it with black or blue stripes.) Pair your marinière with an in-season purse, some bright red lipstick, and some chic shoes for an updated take on a classic.


Long Colorful Skirts

Spring is all about color, and it makes perfect sense that we’re seeing bold pops of color in Paris right now. I am head over heels for this look of a pink long-sleeved sweater with a multi-colored tie-dye white skirt paired with tennis shoes. It’s so comfy, colorful, and cool.


Layers and Scarves

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean there’s no more chill in the air or cold days! On days when the weather turns a bit cold, keep layering up. French people wear layers so effortlessly well and in such a chic way. Throwing on a scarf along with your look will keep you warm and stylish all day long.


Lead photo credit : Cherry blossoms and the Eiffel Tower. Photo: Krystal Kenney

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