Gustav Klimt, Immersive Exhibition

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Start: 13th Apr 2018 07:00
End: 6th Jan 2019 16:00
Atelier des Lumières1

Event Description

The Atelier des Lumières sent the Paris art world, and Instagrammers, into full-blown (photo) frenzy when it unveiled its inaugural Gustav Klimt exhibition in April. Midway between immersive light show and gallery, the phantasmagoria of twirling and birling projections – and animations – is as spellbinding as it is snappable. Keen to get
a piece of the action? You’d better shake a leg – and pre-book – as organisers are due to pull the plug (quite literally) on this hypnotic spectacle on November 11. Warning: best avoided if you’re prone to motion sickness…

Event Categories: Music