In the Cracks

© Marcel Mochet

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Start: 5th Oct 2015 23:00
End: 26th Jun 2016 22:59
Musée de la Marine, Paris1

Event Description

The Navy museum in Paris dedicates this special exhibition to the history of fishing and in particular the fish that changed the world: cod. Thousands of men set out to the perilous high seas and the faraway shores of Newfoundland, Labrador, Iceland and Greenland, on voyages lasting six months– sometimes even longer.

The story told by the exhibition Dans les Mailles du Filet is one of technical and economic adventure, and leads to contemporary questions of sustainability and responsibility in the management of marine resources.


Photo: Album of Pennaneac’h J. (1933) © Pennaneac’h / Museum of History of St. Malo <br> 
Aboard the cod-fishing chalutier- “Grande Hermine”, Norway © Marcel Mochet

Event Categories: History