Mike and Doug have shared a lovely home in Atlanta for the past five years. One of their collective dreams has been to call "the city of lights" their home . As private people, they wanted to enjoy Paris on their own terms: the art galleries, food markets and unbelievable shopping. With the thousands of apartments available online, Mike didn’t know where to begin nor Doug have the luxury of time. Within days of contacting Paris Luxe (www.parisluxeapt.com), Mike and Doug are presented with a list of apartments that fit their lifestyle. They finally settle on a one bedroom, luxury apartment with a terrace in the Marais. Since their flight would be arriving late, e0TeBSZthey asked Paris Luxe to stock their refrigerator for 3 days and since Mike’s birthday was the following day, what better way to celebrate than having a gourmet dinner in their new home by a gourmet chef.. www.parisluxeapt.com
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