Visit to Rungis Market

Visit to Rungis Market
I have spent much of the past week, beginning between 3 am and 4 am, at the sprawling Rungis market just outside of Paris. As many of you know, Rungis is the largest wholesale food market in Europe. The diversity and quality of products is staggering. I began my last day with an extensive tour of the entire market as well as with permission to photograph thanks to my book project on fish. Here are two images. The first was taken in the Abats (innards) section of the marketplace. The pigs’ heads look as if they are coats hanging on a coat rack as if drying after returning from a walk in the rain. The second image is of white carrots, the ancient authentic color of carrots before they were crossed with a beetroot to give the orange color we are so familiar with. Happy food shopping and Bon Appétit! Technical Details – iPhone 3GS, hipstamatic application, John S Lens, Ina’s 1969 film, no flash   For more photography by Clay McLachlan: Beyond the Bread Basket: Recipes for Appetizers, Main Courses, and Desserts by Eric Kayser, Clay McLachlan, and Yair Yosefi  French Cooking: Classic Recipes and Techniquesby Hubert Delorme, Vincent Boue, Clay McLachlan, and Paul BocuseEric Kayser’s New French Recipes by Eric Kayser, Yair Yosefi, and Clay McLachlan And his newest award-winning book:

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