The Travel Adventures of the Chapeaux of Mme. Goudeau

Jean-Marie had emailed Mme. G to find out if her box with her Chapeaux had arrived safely in San Francisco from Paris. Jerome had mailed them with in a week of her letting him know they had been left in the apartment in Paris. Mme. responded that they had not yet arrived but she was not overly concerned… yet. Her chapeaux knew who had created most of them, and who wore them with joy. They knew who their maman would miss them if they stayed away for too long, but they were on an adventure! This adventure had started when Mme. G, rushed to get out to the airport van taking her back to CHG airport in Paris. She realized that she had left the bag with her Chapeaux, before she even got outside. You see, the van had come early and instead of taking a last walk around, Mme. had rushed out, locking the door with the chapeaux left inside! What made it all the more frustrating for her was the twenty minute wait at a hotel for a couple, only 2 blocks down from the apartment! It is bad enough to find yourself losing your Parisian air of blasé that you have gained from even a week in the City of Light, without being reminded that there are “no emergencies” in life…only those which you allow. Mme. G knew without doubt, that Jean-Marie or Jerome would make sure that the Chapeaux were returned to her. Both were men of their word, and had made her feel well taken care of while in Paris. Their apartments felt the same way. Mme. G knew she was “at home” from the moment one of them met her at the door. Arriving back in San Francisco, the only disturbing element was that she had no Chapeaux to wear home once she had left the airplane. She did not really feel “dressed” without one of her lovely chapeaux. Well, that would teach her, would it not? Next trip she would take her time. That was really what life was all about, but it takes some of us longer than others to learn that lesson. There was a quote from the story of Alice in Wonderland that explained it properly…”When you learn your lessons, your lessons will lessen”. Ah…those lessons… Well, it had been a week since Jerome had sent them off, and the Chapeaux…Rouge, Blanc, Noir, Vert, Dore, and Chartreuse… were heading off for adventure. They had left Paris in the nicest red box that the Postal service provided, nicely packed into the tote that Mme. G had carried them on the trip in. They were well cushioned by the lovely gant de bains (bath mitts) that Mme. had purchased as gifts for friends. Of course there were a few other goodies tucked in, as surprises and amuse bouche to help this journey to be much more fun. Rouge, being the largest and having a brim, took charge as leader. She always attracted much attention as she could tilt herself coquettishly. This often made her a flirt, but the other Chapeaux did not mind because she was also kind, generous, and always willing to give them a petite lesson in truly being who they were. “My lovelies,” said Rouge, “Since Mme. G. has all the other Chapeaux in her closet; this will give them a chance to get out and be seen. We will take our time in returning home. What do you say we take a few tiny detours and not return immediately to San Francisco?” The other Chapeaux were thrilled, as Mme. G seemed to depend on them more than the others for travel, and they were fatigues. They had spent a whirlwind two weeks in Paris last year, a week this year, with side trips to Southern California and Seattle in the US. Of course they knew that it was a pleasure to be so valuable and loved, but as we all know… vacations are important too. We need time to rest, and get ourselves freshened up for future outings. We need to be fluffed and pampered at least once a year and perhaps more if we are of more delicate fabric or color. Mme’s Chapeaux knew all of this, but sometimes they wondered if Mme. G might sometimes forget. She had a tendency to try and do too much to catch up with bonne vie. She needed, perhaps to know that the good things meant for you will not float pass but meet you when you are truly ready. Noir, who was of a delicate silk fabric spoke up, “Yes, I do need to be stuffed with tissue and steamed or my bow does not lie as it should.” Blanc chimed in, that she needed to have the hat pin marks cleaned from her more often. Dore wanted Mme. to add a flower or pin to her to change her look, while Vert and Chartreuse actually wanted to be used more often as they were more unusual in color. They knew they could add joie dans la vie to an outfit. Rouge, listening to everyone, realized that perhaps it was time for more creativity in not only their lives, but in Mme’s. She also noticed that the advice she had been giving the other chapeaux, was taking hold. Ah bon! They all needed some change. Perhaps they could convince Mme. G, that without reducing the size of her collection, she could allow some to be on vacation, while others would be out and about and giving people a chance to see how versatile Chapeaux really can be. People today needed to see splendor being worn in order to be reminded of some things they had, perhaps forgotten? She was convinced that by the Traveling…
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