Shifting Gears – Paris’ First Drive Thru

A quiche for the commute. A pain au chocolat for the kids to split in the back seat. A shot of espresso spills over into the cup holder. A drive-through boulangerie? Qu’est-ce que c’est sa? In Port Marly, a Paris suburb, Jocelyne Joly has opened France’s first drive thru. Interestingly enough it was not Mc Donald’s or Starbucks (also new to France) who introduced this American phenomenon, but a simple baker. A drive-thru bakery for bread and sweets, what a divine idea! What a lovely pick up to make on the way to work. Like Krispy Kreme but with less calories. Now, before Mom or Dad bring home the bacon, they can first swing by and pick up the baguette, without worrying about finding a place to park. Though new, this drive thru boulangerie is counting, at times, 200 customers per day, and Joly expects this number to grow rapidly in the next few months. The French are famous for three-four hour meals with five courses and controversial conversation perhaps, a baguette to go (with the motor running) will allow the meal to start earlier and last longer.  (One can only imagine the hot chats that sprout over these pains courants.) But…however will they eat their quiche and shift gears too?  
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