Review: Hôtel Daguerre

Review: Hôtel Daguerre

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I go back to San Francisco it’s inevitable that I’ll attend a dinner
party where guests Bob and Linda are in the process of planning their
next trip to Europe. It is evitable that the host, forgetting our
friendship, will sell me down the river, by opening his mouth, “Oh,
Kirsten lives in Paris.”

Now Bob
and Linda want to know two things: first–and they say this with
lowered eyes and their right hands over their hearts–“But the exchange

Yes, Bob and Linda, I know. I’m living off eggs and tuna. How do you think I stay so thin?

The second thing they (always) want to know is “What is your favorite part of Paris?”

Now they’re in for a real shock.

Though I spend much of my time in cafés in the 6th arrondissement, my favorite part of Paris is the 14th.

likely, even though this will be their fifth trip to Paris, Bob and
Linda don’t know where the 14th is. This is the best thing about the
14th. You won’t run into Bob and Linda at Café Daguerre.

former college roommate, Laure, lives in the 14th, so I’ve had the
opportunity to get to know the neighborhood. Coffee at Café Daguerre,
gelato at Amorino, pizza at Enzos, walks in Parc Montsouris, and of
course, endless hours on Larue’s balcony overlooking the 14th’s pastel
rooftops, while drooling over the baker boy on a cigarette break across
the street.

One of the most
charming streets in the 14th arrondissement is rue Daguerre where
you’ll find the Paris you see in black and white movies. The bread
shop, the cheese shop, the wine shop, the butcher–one right after
another. The ice cream store, the pizzeria, the flower shop. A record
store, a pharmacy, a used- clothing store, cafés, cafés, cafés, and at
the very end of the rue, Hôtel Daguerre.

Daguerre is one of the few three-star hotels on this street–the others
are mostly one and two stars. Hôtel Daguerre is clean and quiet and a
bargain price–the suites go for 110 euros. It’s inexpensive for a
three-star, but it lacks some of the charm found in a number of the
more expensive three—stars. However, at the Hôtel duc de Saint Simon,
an unbelievably charming three-star hotel in the 7th, you’ll pay close
to 500 euros for a suite, so….it depends on your budget. At Hôtel
Daguerre, you get what you pay for.

order to enter the Hôtel Daguerre you must be buzzed through the glass
doors by the concierge–this is a two-door process, so you’ll feel like
you’re in a bank and very secure.

entrance floor is white and black marble, reflecting the light of the
crystal chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. A Monet print (the one
of the bridge with the water lilies floating below) hangs above the
faux jade reception desk where Sophie, the attractive and always polite
concierge, sits in a yellow sweater.

hands me a white card with holes punched all over it: my key to room
101. Strange. When I place the card in the slot I fell like I’m
punching a time card in the mailroom.

101 is a bit like a hospital room: orangey-pink, textured wall paper,
busy blue carpet; a square wooden mirror hangs on the wall near the
entrance, and the “kitchen size TV” rests on top of the mini bar. The
minimal wood furniture is chipped and placed neatly around the room,
making good use of the small space. They tell me that I can roll a
third bed in here, if I want, but I don’t see where it would fit.

the to-the floor curtains, I catch a glimpse of a small
courtyard/garden. But it does not appear that one can step outside into
it. However, it provides a nice view.

bathroom is sparkling white and quite large. It’s a handicap-access
bathroom, equipped with appropriate bars. There are a bath and a
shower. The hair dryer is old, the kind that sticks to the wall and
takes a good 30 minutes to dry a full head of hair. Better to come in
the summer and air dry.

following rooms are more or less versions of each other, varying in
size. Some of the rooms have blue wallpaper, while some have
orange-pink. Some have the busy blue bedspreads and the others have
coral. Most of the wood furniture is chipped. And in all of the
following room the TV set rests on top of the mini bar.

201: Twin bedroom. Busy blue carpet. Pink hospital-paper walls. Chipped
wood furniture. Armoire to hang clothes, but there are no doors on the

The bathroom is like the first, except much smaller (not handicapped equipped). Shower and bath.

Room 303: Double. Blue textured paper walls. Coral bedspread that has a waxy feel to it. Matching floor length drapes. No view.

Tiny bathroom. Only a shower, no bath.

Room 402: Double room. Lots of light. Water stains all over wood table. Wallpaper and bedspread the same as room #303.

Room 501: Single. Twin bed. The size of a walk-in closet. Orange-pink wallpaper, blue bedspread.

The shower is so small I’d have to diet for a week just to make it through the plastic doors.

601: Suite. Nice window bringing in lots of light with a view of Paris
rooftops. In the small sitting room there is a beat-up love seat and a
round water-stained coffee table with an ashtray in the center, facing
the mini bar.

The bedroom appears to be the same as all of the others, a double bed, brown chipped furniture, papered walls.

The bathroom is small. Shower, no bath.

No robes and slippers here….

*All of the rooms include satellite TVs with Canal+, mini bar, safe, telephone, dial-up internet and hairdryer.

the mornings you can either take your breakfast in your room or
downstairs in the breakfast room, which is surprisingly spacious for
Paris. Light tiled floors and high ceilings: you’ll be more than
comfortable having your morning coffee here. The continental breakfast
is 10 euros and it includes cheese and cereals (typically these things
are an additional cost).

*24 hour front desk service, babysitting service available, wheel chair access, and valet parking.

On rue Daguerre…


La Pâte à Crêpes
01 43 20 20 79

Café d’Enfer
01 43 22 23 75

Escale Caraibe (specializing in Antilles cuisine)
01 43 20 45 75

01 43 20 43 54

Enzo (pizzeria)
01 43 21 66 66

Midi Trente (salon de thé)
01 43 20 49 82

01 43 20 21 59

Aux Petits Chandeliers
01 43 20 25 87

Victoria (fast food)
01 43 22 35 55

Pharmacie Dinton
01 43 22 20 52

01 43 22 61 47

5 à Sec
01 43 20 13 92

Hair salons:
Dag’Hair Coiffure
01 43 22 64 43

Djebar Laurent
01 43 22 33 73

01 43 27 58 08

Post office:
La Poste
01 43 35 80 00
fax: 01 40 47 80 53

Jacky Bornet
01 43 22 58 06

Daniel Nicco
01 43 22 27 24

Specialty markets:
Vacroux (fromageries)
tél-fax: 01 43 22 09 04

Planète Fruits (Fruits and vegetables)
01 43 27 12 36

Cave Peret (wine)
01 43 22 08 64

Amorino (gelato)
01 43 20 15 78

Simple: 75-78 euros
Double: 83 euros
Suite: 110 euros
Roll-away bed: 22 euros
Breakfast: 10 euros

Contact information:
Hotel Daguerre *** NC
94, rue Daguerre- 75014 Paris
[email protected]
Tel: 01 43 22 43 54, 01 56 80 25 80
Fax: 01 43 20 66 84