Movers and Shakers in Paris

Useful people to know in Paris:Ron Sorter, a California guitarist and blues singer turned repairer of Mac computers. Ron continues his music career– performing and producing– but most of his time is spent solving “desperate” breakdown problems. In our opinion, he is the best and his French is now good enough (he married a Frenchwoman) to deal effectively with French suppliers and Internet service providers. Tel: Ron will be performing March 19 at Doobies, a club at 2 rue Robert Estienne, 8e, with pianist Jason Johns. Tel:  Jaring Bleijs, physiotherapist specializing in shiatsu. Jaring has returned to Paris from the thermal center in Deauville. He treats many of the great chefs in the capital– the boys from the Plaza Athenee cuisine for example. Again, the best in the field: Tel Tel  Guillaume Pepy, is unknown to the general public (French and expatriate) but is the man who, as Passenger Director, fixes Eurostar prices between Paris and London. These are low at weekends and outrageously high during the week.   Tom O’Neill, Irish decorator and handyman, is called in to fix Avenue Foch apartments, homes of US executives in the western suburbs and apartments in the Marais.  Tom started out literally painting Sydney Bridge (like that Crocodile Dundee actor) and is now regarded as the most meticulous operator in the field. Tel: Tel:   Marc Luet, is the new head of the French branch of Egg, the British online bank. Egg France started badly with complaints flowing in from clients of Z bank a failed French online that the Brits had acquired. Most of the snags seem to have been corrected. Luet says he has over 100,000 clients and pays 3.18% net.  He aims for 250,000 clients by the end of the year and to broaden his credit offerings. Bernard Delanoe, the approachable Socialist Mayor of Paris, says he will give a new look to the Forum shopping and entertainment area built in the space created by the destruction of the old Les Halles market. The Forum is showing its age after less than 20 years. Nevertheless, the shops draw 40 million visitors a year while 800,000 use the metro and RER system daily. George Sarre, Paris politician, wants a  “season ticket” for taxis (a cheap taxi “carte orange” like on the monthly Metro card) for seniors over 65. Doubtful, but it is likely that 1500 more taxis will be added to the city’s pitifully low total of 15,000(the same figure as 1967). Philippe Landreau, is a surgeon who runs the private, 90-room Clinique Generale du Sport at 36 Bd St Marcel, 5e. Tel: Local sportsmen swear by him. Tel:  Bruno Maheu, Air France marketing director, has put the planned Paris-Dallas service on hold but upped Paris-Shanghai to daily status. Asia, he says, will be Air an FranceTarget.  Latin American is out of favor while Africa has been somewhat downgraded. Air France professes not to be worried about EasyJet’s arrival at Orly.   Miss Virtual Model. A new fashion site enables women to describe themselves and then see how they would look on a virtual model. Saves looking for virtually impossible parking places near boutiques. It’s fun even if you don’t find the right dress.
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