Lacoste, France: Marquis de Sade, Pierre Cardin and the Boulangerie

Lacoste, France: Marquis de Sade, Pierre Cardin and the Boulangerie

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Lacoste boulangerie. Photo: ©Mikki Ansin 2011


Boulangerie, Lacoste in the Luberon

Mikki says:

The boulangerie is now privately owned and is a residence. The cobblestone street still serves many a curious traveller, transfixed by the feeling of times gone by.

The formerly sleepy town of Lacoste once was the home of the Marquis de Sade (1740 to 1814). The Marquis earned a rather shady reputation from stories of the goings-on in the castle that he built there. The castle was later owned by a retired postman, and now is owned by fashion designer and philanthropist Pierre Cardin.

Want to go? Lacoste Official Tourist Information Office

Wall Street Journal has more about Pierre Cardin buying property in Lacoste, including Château de Sade.

More about Pierre Cardin‘s Festival de Lacoste, a prestigious cultural festival held annually in August.

Mikki Ansin is a photojournalist and Francophile who loves the colors of France. Watch for her photos every other week. Click on her name to read her full profile and to see more of her photography published by BonjourParis.

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