Glasses, Glorious Glasses

Glasses, Glorious Glasses

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Opticiens du Bac store exteriorI finally found them and had given up the hunt. If you’re wondering to what I’m referring, you’ll be surprised. I was walking up the rue du Bac in the seventh arrondissement and found glasses. Not the type you drink out of—rather ones you use to see through.

If you’ve been looking for reading or long distance vision glasses, you’re incredibly unchic these days if your style isn’t current. I know. I have a collection of glasses I haven’t felt good wearing.

My search has taken me far and wide including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Washington, DC and even Buenos Aires. I’ve gone to the large optical stores in Paris and had given up hope until yesterday.

Taking a walk I did a double take and went barreling into the boutique where Brigitte, the owner greeted me and within 10 minutes, I’d selected two frames (one for distance and the second for reading) and who cared (pas moi) that I’m substantially poorer.

Opticiens du Bac tortoise frames

Brigitte, an optician, has been designing glasses and selling them for more than 20 years in the same location. She’s known for her tortoiseshell frames. But there are many others, which are made in France. She oversees the quality as well as the design and takes the time to make certain your choice is the right one for you.

The store has a selection of ‘designer’ glasses, but they cost more, and to be honest, I don’t think they hold a candle to Brigitte’s.


Les Opticiens du Bac Online shopping available, too

92, rue du Bac, Paris 7th

Tél: 01 4548 0029

Métro: #12 Rue du Bac


By Karen Fawcett – journalist, traveler to France & the world