Filmmaker’s Diary: Histoire d’Echo

Crazy things going on in the world right now. I’m from Louisiana and I just want to jump on a plane and get back to help my people. But I have to stay put here in Paris because my goal is to make this film and because I’ve worked too hard. I can’t just leave now. Plus, I’d probably make a revolution! (Don’t get me started!)   Histoire d’Echo.   I chose to make my first feature film in Paris – in honor of the brothers Lumière. Not because they “invented” cinema but because Louis said, "Cinema is an invention without a future" and I like that. It sounds so rebellious and full of possibilities – no future, no goal, everything is possible!   That’s good too because everyone who has read the synopsis and the anti-script (my term for what amounts to the script) has called it chaotic and crazy! Yep! What do they expect anyway, from a Cajun?   Paris is great. Paris sucks. Depends on the day. For the past year, I’ve been fully engaged in building up my immune system and developing those required calluses. So bring on the rejections and nay-sayers. Bring it! I’m in this for the long haul.   The film is sort-of about Echo, from mythology (I go with the Greeks here). Echo was wise and talked a lot until Hera, not appreciating her verboseness, took Echo’s voice and replaced it with an echo. Pretty rough. So when Echo fell in love with Narcissus, she couldn’t say it. And since Narcissus was wrapped up in being narcissistic, he couldn’t tell Echo how he felt for her either. Dommage. In the film, Echo’s story is adapted to modern-day relationships and events.   I’m at the very beginning of this project. I’m not afraid!   Next week, I’ll meet with people at CNC and le G.R.E.C. to talk about support – l’aide – to get my crazy film made. My approach is possibly going to be “an issue” for investors. But others have done it, so can I!   Last year, when I dropped by to say hello to the people at CNC – to let them know I exist – the man I met with said, “You’ll make your films, Rachael, don’t worry. You’ve taken the first step. You’re here in France.” He meant that, here in France, filmmaking is still considered an art form – unlike in other places I won’t mention. As I walked down the stairs after our meeting, I touched the old-ness in the wooden staircase, took a deep breath and believed him!
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