Cafe Deux Magots

The Café Deux Magots is familiar to all of us who have spent time in the 6ème arrondissement in Paris. It has been written about and featured for decades upon decades. It is not my favorite café in Paris but I do appreciate its place in history and I am a sucker for a quiet moment to sit and read while peeking up from time to time at the world passing by. This image was taken from the outside looking in on a rainy day. Often I find these images to be dull and merely a form of documenting a location, but from time to time there is a moment that I feel captures the essence and soul of a place. Here’s to stopping more often than not and appreciating the exact moment we are having at the exact moment we are having it. Technical Details – Canon 1Ds Mark II, 45mm tilt/shift lens, F 2.8, ISO 100. For more photography by Clay McLachlan: Beyond the Bread Basket: Recipes for Appetizers, Main Courses, and Desserts by Eric Kayser, Clay McLachlan, and Yair Yosefi  

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