Ask Karen: Winter Coats in Paris

Ask Karen: Winter Coats in Paris

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Karen Fawcett, president of Bonjour Paris, answers a question from our readers. 

Hi Karen,

My husband and I will again be visiting Paris for a week beginning November. We have never been there in the colder weather and I would like to bring a short fur jacket if it is going to be cold enough (I’ll watch the forecast).  Since we will be doing a lot of walking outdoors and also museum touring my concern is with the latter.  Do the museums have facilities for safe checking/storage of furs or will I have to carry the coat? I have other winter outer-garments I could bring instead, but want to be sufficiently warm without having to over-pack.  I also don’t want to drag a cumbersome jacket within the museums, if I won’t be allowed to safely check the fur.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated.   


 Dear Marcia:


If you’re bringing only one coat, I’m not sure I’d opt for a fur jacket.  It’s not a question of security when checking coats. Instead, it’s a matter of comfort.  If it’s cold enough to be wearing fur, my guess is you’d prefer a long coat.  A jacket means your legs will be exposed to the cold unless you’re wearing heavy slacks. 


I’m not saying this because I am anti-fur. Rather, my sentiments are based on packing light.  In my opinion, a jacket doesn’t offer enough versatility during what might be a cold, or not so cold, time of the year.


Please let me know what you decide.