Ask Karen: Tipping the Gardienne

Ask Karen: Tipping the Gardienne

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Dear Alex:

When moving into a building, it never hurts to tip the concierge 50 Euros as a gesture.  

that, the amount you tip depends on the service you receive or
require.   For example, does the concierge water your plants while
you’re away?   Do they do more for you than the necessary and/or
assigned chores?  

Our gardienne and her husband (who
live in our building) have been so kind that I probably over tip as I
have learned that the person who controls the keys can be a lifesaver
and I’m so appreciative.

Maria goes out of her way to be
friendly and helpful.   Jean has been known to come to my rescue
so many times.    

I tip at Christmas (300
Euros) and when it’s not expected, such as when they are going on
vacation.  In addition, I often bring them a present if I am
traveling or some flowers or wine.

The French generally do not
tip gardiennes a lot.  However, I find that if people are
REALLY helpful, they deserve extra compensation since their salaries
are extremely low.

Hope this helps.