Ask Karen: Thanksgiving in Paris

Karen Fawcett, president of Bonjour Paris, answers a question from our readers. Hi, Ms Fawcett, Would you happen to know of any restaurants in Paris that might be serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day? I’ll be in Paris with a couple of American friends during that time frame and would like to celebrate. Thank you in advance, Chris Dear Chris, Given the fact that there are a number of American expatriates living in Paris, it is no surprise that there are a number of restaurants offering dinner on Thanksgiving.   Thanksgiving: Thankgiving, a Cajun restaurant in the Marais with a little American grocery next store, is probably the most obvious choice.  Thanksgiving week is their busiest season and they will be offering a traditional Thanksgiving dinner all week.  20, rue Saint Paul, Paris 4th.  01-42-77-68-28 Joe Allen’s: This upscale "American" bistro, with affiliates in New York and London, is another great choice for Thanksgiving. Joe Allen’s serves a traditional Thanksgiving meal with everything you could want—lobster bisque, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie—the works.  This year they are offering a three-course menu for 38 €, including coffee. 30, rue Pierre Lescot, Paris 1st.  01-42-36-70-13 (reservations a must!)   The newly opened "Breakfast in America," an American-owned authentic 50’s-style diner in the Fifth, will be serving an all-American Thanksgiving Dinner on the 27th.  17, rue des Ecoles, Paris 5th. 01-43-54-50-28 Fish La Boissonnerie Fish doesn’t advertise their Thanksgiving dinner because it’s not really an American restaurant per se, but it is a haven for American expats and tourists alike and Juan Sanchez, the American owner who’s been living in Paris for 15 or so years, promises a traditional turkey dinner with a bit of French flair.  Last year’s menu included Jerusalem artichoke soup, roasted turkey breast with stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans and more.   And of course pumpkin pie for dessert. Fish, 69 rue de Seine, Paris 6th.  Reservations highly recommended. 01-43-54-34-69 For more listings you can check next week’s FUSAC, the English-language classified newspaper found in many Anglo-American establishments throughout Paris, which will list most of the dinners being held for Thanksgiving in Paris. Hope that helps!  Best regards, Karen   
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