Ask Karen: Paris in hot, hot, hot July and August

Ask Karen: Paris in hot, hot, hot July and August

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Dear Barry:

Without a doubt, it has been EXCEPTIONALLY hot in France and all of Europe this summer.

are divided on the cause of this year’s heat wave; some point to global
warming and think it’s a trend here to stay, while others contend that
an unusually hot summer is not definitive proof.  Last summer, for
example, was relatively mild and there were very few days of terribly
hot weather.

Having said that, I’d still opt for a hotel with
air-conditioning.  Why risk being uncomfortable?  I would
also ask the hotel manager when the air-conditioning was installed
since earlier versions are not what Americans consider to be AC.

your budget doesn’t allow a hotel with air-conditioning, request a room
facing the courtyard if possible.  A little space overlooking some
green can help a lot and you’ll be able to open the windows in the
evening without listening to the whirl of traffic all night long. 
After this year’s summer from “inferno,” I can’t imagine any hotel
owner/manager worth his or her salt not stocking up on fans.

you’re renting an apartment, assume that it will NOT have
air-conditioning, especially if it is not brand new—and even then. It’s
difficult (if not impossible) to retrofit a 100 year-old building, plus
there are historic preservation laws,which negate the idea of it.

make sure that the landlord provides sufficient fans and do as the
French do: close your shutters at high noon when the sun is at it’s

…And, find a restaurant or two in your quatier, which you like and have AC!


Karen (who is in Paris and feeling the heat).