Ask Karen: Medical Care in Paris

Ask Karen: Medical Care in Paris

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Dear Sarah:

Your anxiety is normal but you can’t stop living and enjoying “just in case.”
Paris has excellent medical care.  However there are certain things I would do in advance of your trip.

Get a complete set of records about your
husband’s medical condition.  Your husband’s doctor will be
willing to supply them.  You really don’t need to have them
translated into French since medical reports are relatively uniform and
practically all French doctors have a command of medical English.

Sign up for travel insurance. 

Be sure that your husband’s condition is not
considered a preexisting condition in the (unlikely) event you need to
make use of the policy.  A letter from your husband’s doctor will
probably be satisfactory.

Your US policy (and you need to check) may cover
medical emergencies should you be outside of the US.  However,
you’d need to advance the money and wait to be reimbursed.

Here are some numbers in the event of emergency:

Ambulance (SAMU):  Dial 15

American Hospital of Paris:  This
hospital, located right outside Pais in Neuilly, has an English
speaking staff and is affiliated with the New York Presbyterian
Hospital and the  Medical College of Cornell University.
63, blvd Victor-Hugo, Neuilly.  01-46-41-25-25. 

SOS Médecins:  Doctors in France actually
still make house calls!  A home (or hotel) visit is only 42
€:  01-47-07-77-77.   For an emergency house call dial

I’ll bet that your need none of the above
information. But, you’re right, it’s better to be prepared and minimize
any possible anxiety.

Whatever you do, please do NOT stay home if the doctor has given you the OK.

You’ll have a wonderful trip!