Ask Karen: Hotel Advice

Ask Karen: Hotel Advice

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Dear Andrea:

Yes and no and no and yes. 😉  If you
don’t care where you stay in Paris, you undoubtedly can find a
room though one of our last minute booking services. People often
reserve and then cancel, and rooms are released at the VERY last
minute.  However, I would reserve now.  You might end up
spending a few more Euros, but the peace of mind would be worth it in
my view.

Reserving on line will normally save you a few dollars.  I would first try Bookings, as they have a huge selection. and  France Hotel Online are two other reliable booking services.


AutoEurope also has some good values in their Hotel section.  

problem with waiting until the last moment is that Americans are NOT
the only people coming to Paris. People from all over the world come to
the City of Light. Plus, October is the month of fashion shows so MANY

Frankly, I’m not the “I love surprises” type. I
like to know where I will be staying before leaving home. You’ll always
find a room in Paris.  However, will you like it or its location?

failed to mention that if money is NOT a problem, the “palace” hotels
such as the Crillion and the Meurice are offering promotions. 
These hotels (and other super deluxe hotels) have been more severely
impacted by the loss of the US tourist trade than the two and three
star hotels and are trying to lure their prime clientele back!

Hope this helps and please let us know where you decide to stay!