Ask Karen: Cheese course in a restaurant

Dear Elizabeth:For some, eating cheese is a science.  For others, it is a delight.If you are sampling an assortment in a restaurant, you will be offered bread.If there is pain au noix (nut bread), do take some as it does enhance the flavor of some cheeses.  Personally, I try not to eat ALL of the bread for the sake of calories. Plus, it can distract from the flavor of the cheese.Some important things to remember:Do use both your knife and fork if you are eating the cheese without bread.Start your tasting with the mild cheeses and move on to the stronger ones.If you begin with the Roquefort, it will keep you from fully enjoying the others.Personally, I opt for soft cow cheeses, sheep and goat cheese and then a “strong” cheese to end the sampling.  If you’re in the mood, a nice glass of Port is a tasty a companion for your tasting adventure.If the restaurant has a cheese cart, be adventurous.  Do heed the advice of the minder of the cheeses after giving him an idea of your personal tastes.  Remember, you’ll have the pleasure of tasting cheeses you’ll never be able to buy in Washington, DC.   Please let us know if you discover any new favorites!Best from a dedicated cheese lover.Karen  
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