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Ask Karen

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Dear John:

What a loving gesture. I don’t know where to start.

begin with, I would have flowers delivered to your hotel room to greet
you upon your arrival.  Here’s a great place to order a

La Verande — Flower Shop

you have checked into your hotel, sneak out and buy a bottle of
champagne (wine shops always have cold bottles) or even better, ask the
hotel to have one waiting.  You’ll pay a premium but this may not
be the time you want to save money.

Spend her birthday day at
leisure. But have it include some shopping time. There’s nothing women
adore more than bringing home a Paris outfit. You can shop until you
drop on either the Right or the Left Bank. 

Around 4:00
PM, schedule an appointment for her at the hairdresser and if she’s the
massage type, I can’t think of any way more heavenly to spend my

Take her to dinner at Les Ambassadeurs at the Crillon
Hotel. It’s one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Paris and in my
mind, possibly the world.  Chef Bouchet’s tasting menu is not to
be believed.

on your staying power, rather than returning to your hotel by taxi, you
might want to arrange for a car and driver to take you back to your
hotel including an hour’s night tour of the City of Light.

You can reserve a car and driver via Auto Europe

Access car rental and book a car and driver.

I think I’ll send this “how to spend a special and unforgettable day” to my husband.  Perhaps, he’ll get the hint!