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Gael Greene is marking her 40th year as the Insatiable Critic for New York Magazine where she helped change the way New Yorkers and Americans as well think and talk about food. Although she retired as the weekly critic several years ago, she continues to writes about restaurants for the magazine in her weekly column, Insatiable Critic and on her website, InsatiableCritic. com where she also writes about gourmand travel. She is the author of two best selling novels, Blue Skies, No Candy and Dr. Love. Her book Delicious Sex was a guide to having more fun in bed. Much sensuous eating, dancing and living spices up her memoir, Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess (Warner Books, 2006) which documents four decades of how America fell in love with food. Twenty-six years ago Ms. Greene and the late James Beard co-founded Citymeals on Wheels which by December 2007 had delivered more than thirty six million meals to New York City's needy homebound elderly. In that time Citymeals has raised almost $250 million. This year alone Citymeals will deliver 2.7 million meals to 18,000 frail, aging shutins in the five boros of New York.


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