Paris Right Bank Movie Location: Rue des Barres in le Marais

By Mikki Ansin

Rue des Barres in le Marais. Photo: ©Mikki Ansin 2012

Rue des Barres in le Marais. Photo: ©Mikki Ansin 2012

Mikki says:

This Paris scene on rue des Barres (behind Chez Julien) in le Marais, as captured, looks so perfectly authentic that you might think it was a movie set decorated by a professional.

But ah, it is Paris, and it is the real thing.

The location is one of my favorite corners of Paris, just across from the Pont Louis-Philippe on the Right Bank.

This exact scene was used as a location in filming the The Pink Panther—not the original 1963 version with Peter Sellers, though it may have been in it—but the 2006 version with Steve Martin (which I saw in Paris at a midnight showing).

Movie still from "The Pink Panther" (2006 remake) starring Steve Martin.

Rue des Barres in movie still for "The Pink Panther" (2006 remake) starring Steve Martin. Movie still ©20th Century Fox.

Right around the corner on rue du Pont Louis-Phillipe is the famous stationer Papier Plus: paper, pencils, and blank books in gorgeous colors and stark modern design. Next to that is the Galerie Agathe Gaillard, which specializes in photography.

And it's where I want to be!


Mikki Ansin is a photojournalist and Francophile who loves the colors of France. Watch for her photos every other week. Click on her name to read her full profile and to see more of her photography published by BonjourParis.

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