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  • Godzilla in Paris

    By Jacqueline McGrath

    Hardly. But a bigger-than-life, building-hugging salamander—one whose very presence is shrouded in mystery—oh yes. The 10-foot-long beast, sculpted in bronze and now fittingly blackened by the elements, is mounted astride an old masonry apartment building in the 20th arrondissement at the corner of Rue Vitruve and Rue Albert Marquet. Beside a trail of the creature’s footprints on the lower half of the wall is inscribed (in French) a disconcertingly brief reason for the salamander’s being there: “It has stopped to rest.”  Rest from what? Coming from where? Headed where? Stuck, for what earthly reason, on a wall in a working class district of Paris?

    Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 September 2011 )
  • The Quieter Attractions: Three Paris Libraries to Visit

    By Paul Boswell

    Like in any big city, a weary traveler might be hard-pressed to find a place to take a load of his or her legs in Paris. Sure, you’ve always got your hotel room or apartment, but why stay there all day? So you head over to the Champ de Mars to find some shady bench where you can read or simply enjoy the day. Unfortunately, you chose a sweltering, tourist-filled day in July when the fumes from the tour buses offend your nose and the fact that you have heard every language but French in the past half-hour begins to offend your ears.

    Last Updated ( Friday, 09 September 2011 )
  • Ready Set Hop on a Bike: Paris Velib Rental Bikes

    By Karen Fawcett

    If you live in or are visiting Paris, you’ll have a new choice of transportation. As of July 15th, 2007, the same mayor who introduced the Paris Plage is enabling people to hop on extremely sturdy bikes to get from here to there. Bertrand Delanoë, who’s responsible for widening Paris’s sidewalks, bus, taxi and bike lanes, would like nothing more than to see people ditch their cars, diminish traffic and hop on the eco-friendly “green” band wagon.

    Last Updated ( Monday, 03 October 2011 )
  • Quartier de l’Horloge: Clockwatching in the Paris Third

    By Jacqueline McGrath

    Did you know it’s impossible to kill time in Paris? In the literal sense, that is. The whimsical proof can be found on the pedestrian rue Bernard-de-Clairvaux in the 3rd arrondissement. There, at every hour between 9 am and 10 pm, a life-size brass fellow, known only as the Defender of Time, raises his double-edged sword and battles fierce brass beasts who would destroy the clock he guards.

    Last Updated ( Friday, 09 September 2011 )
  • Paris The City and Districts

    By David Seymour

    If you are looking for property in the Paris area, whether in the city itself or somewhere in the Isle-de-France, it is easy to get confused with Departments, arrondissements and 'districts'. These terms often refer to entirely different things or areas, different administrations or places, and often 'ne'er the 'twain shall meet'.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 31 March 2009 )
  • SoPi: South Pigalle, the Next Marais in the Paris Ninth

    By Sally Peabody

    Enough speaking in code.  ‘So-Pi’ is a somewhat controversial new moniker for the residential area in the ninth just south of Pigalle, roughly speaking, around the rue de Martyrs market street, down to Notre Dame de Lorette, and incorporating a bit of Nouvelle Athennes to the west.  I became enchanted with this lively and wonderfully un-touristy quarter this fall.  A chance conversation with two rather-hip young moms during a Saturday afternoon book signing at Chajin, (one of my favorite salons du thé over near Place de la Madeleine),  had me on the 67 bus the next day to check out a terrific sounding tea and chocolate shop on rue Monnier.  More on that shortly.

    Last Updated ( Friday, 09 September 2011 )
  • Instructions for picking someone up at a European Train Station

    By Dan Heching

    1. When arriving to pick someone up, make sure to check out the façade of the building.
    This might prove difficult, because there are usually several exits and entrances around the Gare, all intertwined with the surrounding underground metro stations and streets above.  Try to arrive from the front, as the façade is worth it.  Even in small towns, the central train station is usually worth a gander for the average architecture-phile.

    Last Updated ( Friday, 09 September 2011 )
  • In Love and in Paris - Special Places To Share

    By Michele Kurlander

     Paris is the city for lovers. If you are lucky enough to have someone special to share her with - whether the two of you are new or you have lasted past your youth and the adulthood of your children - and if you have just met my love, the lady Paris, let me take you by the hands and lead you to the places in La Belle Ville where I would take my special person, if I had one.

    Last Updated ( Monday, 11 February 2013 )
  • Paris and the Single Girl

    By Lisa Anselmo

     Who needs a man for romance in Paris when you can have a love affair with the city?
    Lisa Anselmo shows you where and how—and why you shouldn’t wait until you’re coupled off to fulfill your dream trip to the City of Lights (and Love) this Valentine’s Day.


    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 18 May 2010 )
  • Brokeback Mountain

    By Dan Heching

     Wow – a gay movie that isn’t about homophobia, AIDS, society’s disapproval, religious objections, etc... Brokeback Mountain is almost a gay movie that isn’t about being gay! But not quite. That does get in the way. What is so arresting about Annie Proulx’s story (and that which carries through quite well in the film) is the incidental nature of the gayness, the way the sexuality surfaces without warning and takes the viewer (and one of the new lovers) by total surprise. The ‘thing’ that these two Wyoming cowboys are dealing with, first and foremost, is their newfound love for each other. That’s it! This movie is about love, and how it can creep up on the most unsuspecting. And of course the sexuality that follows, which is committed to screen in a stinted but tender way.

    Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2009 )


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