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  • Getting Sick when Traveling

    By Karen Fawcett

    For those of us who live to travel and travel to live, getting sick isn’t on the top of our anxiety list. We know what to, and what not to eat—fast food from street vendors— and never to drink out of bottles that seem to have passed through too many hands, and so on. We arm ourselves with the shots the CDC advises and off we go. Imagine my surprise when I thought I was going to die and it turned out a mosquito was the culprit.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 16 October 2012 )
  • Surviving Long Flights: How to Fly Long Distances and Stay Healthy

    By Karen Fawcett

    Paris bound or, for that matter, traveling anywhere? Air travel is rife with health challenges because planes are essentially flying Petri dishes. Even if you’re 100% germ-free, as soon as you board the flight, chances are one of your neighbors isn’t. Don’t forget the myriad (germ) perils involved with getting to the airport, checking in, clearing security and waiting for your flight to take off.



    Last Updated ( Friday, 24 February 2012 )
  • France Flu Season and Medical Help for Sick Travelers

    By Karen Fawcett

    Before your France trip, you got your flu shot and avoided sneezing passengers seated nearby, but it's flu season in France and you got the bug. Now what? Karen Fawcett feels your pain...literally, and after suffering for research, she shares tips for sick travelers who may find relief at a pharmacy or from traveling SOS Médecins doctors who make housecalls.

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 28 December 2011 )
  • Paris in August, When Livin' is Easy

    By Karen Fawcett

    Karen Fawcett tries to stay in Paris in August every year. She loves the more relaxed pace and the serendipity that happens during the calmer month of the year.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 August 2011 )
  • Seeing Paris Through Children's Eyes

    By Karen Fawcett

    This week Karen Fawcett's young granddaughters and their parents joined her in Paris and she's enjoying exploring Paris with the kids. They're taking their time and are not rushing from museums to monuments. Of course they started with croissants at a neighborhood café and Karen's article reminds us of the joy of seeing Paris through children's eyes.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 07 August 2011 )
  • What’s Open in Paris in August?

    By Karen Fawcett

    Every year we're asked, "What's open in Paris in August?" Paris has over 8,000 restaurants, over 250 museums and galleries, hundreds of sightseeing destinations and street markets. Nearly all will be open, but a small number will close for weeks or a month. Karen Fawcett enjoys "laid-back" August in Paris and here's her advice on how to plan August travel.

    Last Updated ( Friday, 02 August 2013 )
  • More Reasons to Live in Paris

    By Karen Fawcett

    Karen FawcettLiving is Paris isn’t for everyone. Some simply aren’t big city folks and never will be. They love the country or small towns, and why should I try to convert them?  But living here in Paris suits the way I like to live, which I admit isn’t as efficiently as I’d like. Each week is filled with surprises or, in a really good week, serendipity.



    Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 August 2011 )
  • Can You Guess Which is the Most Frequently Asked Travel Question?

    By Karen Fawcett

    Karen FawcettLet's face it: When people travel to foreign countries (most especially if it's for the first time), they can ask a lot of dumb questions. With the caveat there's no such thing as a truly dumb question, here are some that can't help but make you laugh. And each and every one has appeared in the Bonjour Paris mailbox.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 August 2011 )
  • Being a Tourist in Paris

    By Karen Fawcett

    Karen FawcettIf you read Bonjour Paris, you know we’re all for people visiting Paris as well as La Belle France. There’s so much to see and to do and if someone is bored, well…it’s his or her own fault. But, I must admit I “discovered” parts of Paris and am contemplating a "stay-vacation."

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 August 2011 )
  • Being a Citizen of the World

    By Karen Fawcett

    Karen FawcettLife in Paris is glamorous. Well, sometimes Paris can be glamorous. Cold, however, is not glamorous, and I’ve been sitting at my computer wearing so many layers that I looked like the Michelin man’s puffy sister. But, even the weather improved and hopefully, now that President Hosni Sayyid Mubarak has resigned, let's hope there will be a smooth transition.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 August 2011 )
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