Scooters in Paris: The City’s New Electric Scooter Program

Scooters in Paris: The City’s New Electric Scooter Program
Embark on a two-wheeled motorized adventure with Cityscoot – Paris’s first open-access electric scooter rental. Think Velib’ but faster and less tiring! What exactly is Cityscoot? Similar to the public bikes service (Velib’) run by the Mairie de Paris, Cityscoot offers shared electric scooters that can be picked up all over the city and parked almost anywhere in central Paris. Cityscoot is different to other open-access rental services in that it offers users a more flexible arrangement, with no subscription being necessary. There are no keys, cards or terminals with Cityscoot and all bookings are made instantaneously through their innovative app which can be downloaded onto your smartphone. How does it work? Those wishing to have a scoot simply go onto Cityscoot’s app, select a nearby scooter and secure it using a credit or debit card. Riders then receive an unlocking code that enables them to use the scooter with no fuss whatsoever. The bikes are safe and easy to ride and have a maximum speed of 45km/h, which is ideal for use in a built-up area. What’s more, because the scooters are electric, using Cityscoot is kind to the environment reducing traffic, noise and air pollution so we can all breathe a little easier. An approved adjustable helmet also comes with the scooter (there is even a single-use hygiene cap, for the hygiene conscious among us). To return the scooter, all you have to do is park it in a public space authorized for motorized two-wheelers in the Cityscoot Zone. Where can you ride? The Cityscoot Zone refers to the parts of the city where you can rent and then return the scooters. The Cityscoot Zone currently covers about one-third of central Paris. When you have finished taking a spin around the city, all you have to do is park the scooter in one of the Cityscoot Zones. Unlike the Autolib’ system, there is no need to look for a charging terminal, this is taken care of by the Cityscoot team. At present, there are 150 scooters dotted across the Cityscoot Zone; however, over the coming months this number will rise to about a thousand in the capital. How much does it cost? As there are no strings attached with this service you only pay when you ride. Riders are charged by the minute with prices starting from 20 centimes. When taxes and charges are included, users are looking at a cost of about 28 centimes per minute. If you envisage yourself as a regular rider you may wish to avail of a CityRider pack. With these packages, regular riders can buy minutes in advance and benefit from discounted prices. The two packages currently available are the ‘CityRider100’, which gives users 100 minutes for €25, working out at 25 centimes per minute; and the ‘CityRider500′, which gives users 500 minutes for €100, reducing the cost to just 20 centimes per minute. When can you ride? Scooters can be rented 7 days a week between the hours of 7am and 11pm. Anything else I should know? In order to avail of this speedy service, those born after January 1988 must hold a valid French or European driving license. Those born before this date do not need any specific driving license. If you haven’t had experience driving a motorized two-wheeler in a city before, you can take a free initiation session offered by Cityscoot to help you get geared up before taking to the roads. For more information visit Image courtesy of Cityscoot

Lead photo credit : © Cityscoot

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