Private Tours in Paris: Rethinking ‘This Way, Follow Me’

Private Tours in Paris: Rethinking ‘This Way, Follow Me’
What’s trending right now in the French capital? The private tour experience. Locals are professing their love for Paris and their tour guide skills, advertising their “services” on many a website. With so many young and attractive guides reaching out to future tourists on the web, it is little wonder that the capital’s tourism industry has become quite competitive. What if we put a halt to the amateur? What if we said “no” to the superficial? That is precisely what the French company, Walk my Steps, advocates: professional tour guides and quality experiences. Walk My Steps cofounders Emilie Gariel, Thierry Lucet, and Dominique Mary are certainly no strangers to the “private vs. mass” tour debate. Leading large groups of people like a shepherd leads his flock is exhausting and, let’s be frank, in no one’s best interest! Walk My Steps, wanting nothing to do with the old-fashioned, found its answer in the private tour; in essence, the visitor benefits from the undivided attention of a tour guide who caters to his or her every need, not to mention a wealth of unforgettable moments. The Walk My Steps team set out to create a network of state-licensed, local guides who also believed in the pleasure of discovering Paris with a conscientious individual. Today, their network is over fifty members strong and counting. When it comes to the nature of its tours, Walk My Steps offers a colorful variety of outings into Paris’s most renowned and least heard about places. Whereas some of its guides are Renaissance art aficionados, others pride themselves in pinpointing the best bakeries and wine cellars. Although they hold themselves to higher standards of leadership and knowledge, they are equally adept in the art of storytelling. Walk My Steps recently introduced the newest addition to its catalog of goodies: the Private Chauffeured Tours. An increasing number of its American clientele is treating itself with the gift of riding through Paris and its sister regions in comfort and style. One thing is for certain: the company is making a name for itself and putting smiles on faces, one step at a time. Contact info: Email: [email protected]. Tel: +33 (0)1 79 73 79 69

Lead photo credit : Paris views. Credit: Fotolia

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