Le Figaro in English France News of the Week for April 14

Le Figaro in English France News of the Week for April 14
France News of the Week by our news partner, Le Figaro in English ____________________________________________________ Death of a French Resistance hero Raymond Aubrac, one of the last remaining leaders of the infamous French Resistance, died Tuesday evening. Aubrac was a co-founder of the “Liberation Sud” movement and was one of the only living people to have known the great Resistance fighter Jean Moulin. Aubrac and his wife Lucie, who died in 2007 at the age of 94, were both celebrated and romanticized as Resistance lovers. Several years ago, a historian accused the couple of shady wartime dealings, including possibly turning Moulin over to authorities. Many questions remain about the truth of their role in the Resistance. Aubrac recently called on today’s young people to continue to fight for justice. READ MORE: » French Resistance Fighter, 97, Dies ____________________________________________________ Two die in church floor collapse On Sunday, Easter festivities turned into tragedy when the floor collapsed under a evangelical church group meeting in a building in the French town of Stains. Two died, including a six-year-old girl. The pastor, as well as the property manager, were arrested on charges of involuntary homicide as authorities say they neglected building safety codes. READ MORE: » Pastor Arrested After Church Floor Collapse ____________________________________________________ Kizomba takes Paris by storm What is the newest trend in Paris? Kizomba, an Angolan dance that is driving Parisians crazy! READ MORE: » Paris is Crazy for Kizomba ____________________________________________________ 26% of young people will vote for Marine Le Pen According to a CSA opinion poll, far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is scoring with young people… and her support among young voters is rising faster than any other candidate. Twenty-six percent of voters between the age of 18 and 24 say that Le Pen is their candidate of choice, while only 25% are going for Socialist François Hollande. Far behind in third place is current president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is expected to get 17% of young people’s votes. Still, Hollande may be feeling like the major loser right now… as support for him among young people plunged from 39% to the current 25% in a few short months. On the other hand, far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon has also risen in sharply in popularity amongst young people. He went from 5% to 16% in the past few months. This week, a racy fan video “Mélenchon girls” is buzzing on the Web. Though Le Pen is winning and Hollande is losing with young people, four recent surveys predicted that Hollande would win the overall election. READ MORE: » Hollande Will Win, Say Four New Polls —- » Read more articles on Le Figaro in English » Read What Happened in France between March 30 and April 6 » Le Figaro in English on Facebook and Twitter

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