Auto France

Auto France

Since 1991, Auto France has been a Peugeot Car-2-Europe representative for the U.S.A.

As an alternative to a car rental, this Temporary Transit (TT) option with Peugeot Car-2-Europe program provides a brand-new vehicle, full comprehensive insurance with zero deductible, 24/7 roadside assistance, and a wide range of vehicles to choose from.  A customer can take delivery of a brand-new Peugeot vehicle for a duration of between 30 days and 175 days (6 months) with the option of driving it through over 30 countries in Europe. This program provides a convenient and flexible way for travellers to explore the continent in a reliable and comfortable vehicle.

Temporary Transit (TT) is a French customs and tax provision based on the temporary admission regime. It allows any person residing outside the European Union or in an Overseas Department or Territory to have a new vehicle at their disposal during their stay in Europe, exempt from customs duties and VAT.  This gives you the benefit from a specific French registration allowing free movement in Europe.

Here is a list to consider making the most of your trip to Europe:

  • Choose the Right Vehicle: Select a vehicle that suits your travel needs and preferences. Peugeot Car-2-Europe offers a variety of vehicles, and depending on your budget, the number of travelers, and the amount of luggage you are carrying.
  • Observe Traffic Rules: Familiarize yourself with the traffic rules and regulations of the countries you’ll be driving through. This includes speed limits, road signs, and driving etiquette.
  • Budget for Tolls and Fuel: Be prepared to pay tolls on certain highways and bridges, especially in Western Europe. Budget for fuel costs as well, as fuel prices can vary significantly between countries.
  • Parking Considerations: Research parking options in advance, especially if you’ll be visiting cities or popular tourist attractions.

By following these tips and being well-prepared, you can enjoy a memorable and enjoyable road trip through Europe.

With over 30 years of experience, Auto France is available for any questions you may have.
As a family-owned business, our customer service is among the best in the industry.  With a 4.8 star rating you can have full confidence working with us.

We are offering special discounted rates for 2024, so be sure to contact us if you are considering a trip to Europe!