Men’s Spring 2019 Fashion Week Wraps Up in Paris

Men’s Spring 2019 Fashion Week Wraps Up in Paris
It seems strange to think about next year’s warm weather while we’re in this year’s warm weather. But, you know, fashion likes to plan ahead – like a prepared pupil laying out her school uniform at night for the following day. Men’s Spring 2019 Fashion Week wrapped up in Paris early this week. Showings from houses like Balmain and Dior made a spring-y, bright mark on the city. At Balmain, the show was all about black, white, and reds all over. Jailhouse pinstripes, light blue jeans, jean vests, jeans jackets – so much jean! – and silver sequins and shiny silver shirts, were all in vogue. A refreshingly diverse array of models walked the runway. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Comme des Garcons (@commedesgarcons) on Jun 22, 2018 at 1:50pm PDT Fashionista-favorite, Comme des Garçons, had their show too; specifically, it was a Comme des Garçons Homme Plus show (there was also a Comme des Garçons Shirt show). Streetwear was the name of the game. It even had a street-side or back alley feel, with models emerging from behind a fence. Vogue writer Sarah Mower speculated on the fence’s meaning, writing: “The cage symbolism spoke for itself about masculine conformism.” Playful jackets in seafoam green and hot pink and sunny yellow and multicolor checks and stripes flanked the runway. The flower prints and bright colors and ruffled pants all challenged the gender stereotypes, and made an important point in a playful way. Dior’s Kim Jones made his Dior design debut with his Spring 2019 show. The collection “drew on the fashion house’s rich heritage,” reported The Guardian. Roses – the late Christian Dior’s favorite – graced the runway on prints, and stunning bushels of pink roses serves as the backdrop, along with manicured bushes. Androgynous models – most wearing Converse (or at least Converse-eque) sneakers, also carrying Dior bags, wore chic belts, and gave good “model face.” Dior – long known for its sleek and stunning silhouettes – honored its silhouette legacy, with well-tailored pants and suit jackets. Color themes included: sky blues, rose pinks, and, of course, Parisians’ go-to color: black   A post shared by Dior Official (@dior) on Jun 23, 2018 at 11:40am PDT Legendary…

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