Photo Essay: Angelina and the Art of Paris Pastries

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Photo Essay: Angelina and the Art of Paris Pastries
Paris is famed for its appealingly chic patisseries. One famous landmark destination for savoring such pastries is the Salon de Thé Angelina, founded in 1903 on rue de Rivoli. Located in an area steeped in history, Angelina is a sophisticated Parisian treat with its elegant interior, its large array of exquisite signature pastries, and its famous hot chocolate, a magical potion whose unique recipe is deliciously kept secret. Paris is also world-famous for its museums, which entice art lovers and tourists from all over the world. Angelina opened a new outpost near the Musée du Luxembourg in 2012 in order for travelers and locals alike to immerse themselves in an elegant gourmet setting after visiting the exhibition. Small but so cozy, unassuming but so elegant, Angelina Luxembourg is a lovely Salon de Thé set in a paved courtyard on the left side of the museum. This intimate haven, away from the bustle of the Left Bank, is an ideal epicurean interlude after enjoying a cultural escape. You can delight in tasting Angelina’s signature pastries, such as the Mont Blanc, Choc Africain, Éclair Chocolat, or Tarte au Citron, while sipping the decadent hot chocolate L’Africain. There’s also an outdoor terrace. What makes this Salon de Thé at the Luxembourg Gardens special is that Angelina’s Chef Christophe Appert and his team have been fashioning an exclusive, art-themed pastry dedicated to the exhibitions at the Musée du Luxembourg for over two years. These creations reward art lovers and visitors’ curiosity as they are a feast for the eyes and also for the palate. This idea stems from Angelina’s inclination to actively take part in the local life where the Salon de Thé is located and from its collaboration with the Musée du Luxembourg. The pastries are so finely designed that their delicacy works in harmony with the theme of the specific exhibition. Akin to the fugitive beauty of a flower in bloom, these sumptuous creations take you on a journey to celebrate art, beauty and elegance. They awake all your senses. They sparkle with sophistication. They acutely combine layers of flavors. They seduce your vision. Because they subtly unveil the essence of the exhibition, their quintessence is judiciously infused into the texture, flavor, and taste. Here are some examples. “La Valse” was created to celebrate the “Paul Durand – Ruel” exhibition held from October 9, 2014 to February 8, 2015. It focused on the Impressionist art movement of the 19th century. “La Valse” embodied a gracefulness of feminine lines. This classic pastry wore a passion red dress and a white chocolate hat adorned with a delicate red rose, reminiscent of dancing girls at the balls along the banks of the Seine. The base was a crispy crumble enhanced with a cream cheese mousse and soft apricot compote. On the occasion of the “Les Tudors” exhibition held from March 18 to July 19, 2015, Angelina created a snack– the “Pause Gourmande”– staged in the spirit of a Tea Time to carry visitors away to the heart of the English dynasty that ruled England between 1485 and 1603. Christophe Appert and his team fashioned Angelina’s signature pastries into small teacakes (“petits fours”). The set menu for two persons consisted of two madeleines, three mini macaroons, five “petits fours” and a choice of hot drink. Visitors could choose a tea or hot chocolate. The “Venus” pastry was designed for the “Fragonard Amoureux” exhibition– held from September 16, 2015 to January 24, 2016– to honor the legendary artist of the 18th century. Similar to a voluptuous lady, the “Venus” reflected Fragonard’s enticing, elegant and sensual artworks that evoke love. Underneath a delicate powder pink dress, a tasty crispy crumble appeared, enhanced with delicious raspberry and lychee. A light rose mousse added a deep glow of sensuality. “Angela” You can now savor “Angela,” the new pastry associated with the current exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg — the “Chefs-d’oeuvre de Budapest” collections, exhibited from March 9 until July 10. Inspired by the legendary Russian dancer Pavlova, “Angela” is as luxurious as Hungarian classic pastries. “Angela” visually illustrates the white dress of the “Femmes à l’éventail” artwork by Edouard Manet. Enjoy the crunch of the meringue underneath a thin layer of white chocolate, topped with light vanilla whipped cream, and raspberries with the sweetness of a red fruit bouquet. Our recommendation for a dose of decadence: With your “Angela” pastry, pair the famous hot chocolate, a velvety concoction served in a pitcher to pour into a delicate cup with the delicious Chantilly whipped cream. The next exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg will present the masterpieces of Henri Fantin-Latour, famous for his still life paintings. It runs from September 14, 2016 to February 12, 2017. Christophe Appert and his team are still imagining an ephemeral and exclusive creation, which will be linked to this exhibition. We can’t wait! PRACTICAL INFORMATION The Salon de Thé Angelina

Lead photo credit : Enjoy hot chocolate with the "Angela" pastry. ©Sarah Fauvel

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