Musée Vivant du Fromage: France’s First Living Cheese Museum

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Musée Vivant du Fromage: France’s First Living Cheese Museum
Who knew to be on the lookout for peau de crapaud (toad skin) on cheese, the rumpled rind being a sign of runny cheese? Or poil de chat (cat’s hair), which is fuzzy mold on soft cheeses? Poil de chat is actually a good thing when the cheese maker pats down the mold until it becomes part of the tasty rind.  Cheese terms, both for making and tasting cheese, are one of the many topics to learn at the new Musée Vivant du Fromage, a living cheese museum, that is scheduled to open on June 3 on the Île Saint Louis in Paris. It will be an educational and interactive place to discover France’s cheesemaking heritage and learn from actual producers of some of the 1,200 varieties of cheese in France. Pierre Brisson, Founder and CEO of Paroles de Fromagers, Ltd who was inspired to open the Musée Vivant du Fromage. Photo: Martha Sessums “I wanted to create a museum about living cheeses,” said Pierre Brisson, Founder and CEO of Paroles de Fromagers, Ltd the cheese school that administers the Musée Vivant du Fromage. “Visitors will be able to see live cheeses, learn about how to produce them from working experts and taste the flavor differences in each cheese’s life. Cheese is not dead.” Brisson’s vision for the living cheese museum will not only be an interactive museum to discover French cheeses and their regions but also educational. The museum will offer cheese courses and workshops. There will also be a laiterie, or dairy, where visitors can see cheese being made and learn some of the creation processes. A traditional creamery and cheese shop will feature souvenirs.    Voir cette publication sur Instagram   Une publication partagée par Paroles de Fromagers (@parolesdefromagers)

Lead photo credit : Musée vivant du fromage, Photo: musée vivant du fromage Instagram

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  • James Boughey
    2024-05-23 06:59:34
    James Boughey
    The Fromage Museum is at the site of a fun prix fix type restaurant that was great fun on a Sunday night when most are closed. I am not sure this new establisment, it is not a museum, is an improvement.


    • Martha Sessums
      2024-05-24 06:06:24
      Martha Sessums
      Things change all the time in cities, even Paris. I'm sorry to hear a favorite restaurant is no longer in business, but the Musée Vivant du Fromage will be a lively addition to the neighborhood where one can learn about the history of cheese (the museum part) while tasting and buying cheese samples. I hope you can visit and enjoy the museum, James.