Paris Fashion Week: The Best Street Style

Paris Fashion Week: The Best Street Style

A Mix of Fun, Practicality, & Chic Rainwear

While designers showing at the recent Paris Fashion Week had their eyes towards the future as they showed their autumn-winter collections, fashion show attendees flexing their street style muscles very much had their eyes – and wardrobes – on the present.

Paris’s seemingly endless rain and windy days necessitated dressing for the wintery season of late February and early March. The fashionistas, editors, and buyers flocking to Paris did their best under the blustery circumstances and executed chic looks that ran the gamut from understated elegance to eye-grabbing and stunning.

Notably, wide-legged and billowy looks are very much in, along with chunky shoes, the “babydoll” look, and the color black remains an evergreen Parisian staple of style.

Trenches & Umbrellas Offer Fashion & Function

Billowy trench coats, often in black, peppered the streets of Paris. With a smattering of rain for a good chunk of the week, umbrellas were a permanent fixture above the heads of fashionistas walking from show to show.  


Roomy Coats & Wide-Legged Trousers 

Jean trousers so big you could fit an extra leg inside were prevalent on the streets of Paris. The wide-legged trend is officially full-on, and that was evident from the looks on the rues in the City of Light. Accompaniments like shiny umbrellas and chunky scarves added a bit of shine and texture to outfits.  


Windblown Hair 

On runways, models’ hair is often stuck in place with oodles of hairspray, or free-flowing and wild. Windy days were plentiful during Paris Fashion Week, and so windblown hair, like that seen on some runways, was found on the streets, too.   


Windblown hair in Paris. Photo: Anne McCarthy

Black, The Parisian Staple 

Black is arguably the color of Paris daily city wear and New York City daily wear. There was so much black on the city streets during Paris Fashion Week. It’s a color that automatically elevates a look and signifies a higher degree of chicness.

Bright, Bold Colors add Pops of Joy  

While black is a primary color of style, so are the bright, playful eye-catching colors. Fashion is supposed to be fun, after all, n’est-ce pas? While designers were showing autumn and winter looks during this latest Paris Fashion Week, some of the hues spotted on the streets suggested more of an eye toward spring and summer, and frankly, who can blame them?  

I spotted so many joyful and eye-catching neons and pastels found on the streets of Paris. It had me feeling excited for sunny days ahead and colorful flowers blooming in the spring.  


The Trendy “Babydoll” Look Highlighted by Socks & Tights with Mary Janes 

Babydoll is in, whether you like it or not. This comes in the form of “babydoll”-style tops and dresses with sweetheart necklaces, and socks and tights with Mary Janes à la Alice in Wonderland or an American Girl Doll. This youthful look – wearable by someone of any age – has a sense of playfulness, fun, and tongue-in-cheek-ness.

It’s meant to be a bit silly, and the wearer of this look is typically in on the joke, as it were. They know how they look; they don’t care what you think, and they’re living their best life and having fun with their looks. After all, every day you stand in front of your closet you get to ask yourself: Who do I want to be today? Lately, some women have been answering this question with: I want to look like a doll, and I’m going to lean all in on this look. 

Layers, Layers, Layers; And Chunky Shoes 

Chunky, comfortable footwear was everywhere this past week. While dashing from show to show, bien sur, one must be comfortably outfitted with footwear that’ll do the job. It’s not just about comfort, though. Much like the gradual transition of trends from skinny jeans to wide-leg jeans, a once more discreet and slimmer shoe silhouette has faded away as a chunky and more “loud” shoe line has taken over.  


Lead photo credit : Paris Fashion Week - Stell McCartney, Photo: kris krüg/Flickr

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