Sabrina Ratté Exhibit-Expérience at the Gaîté Lyrique

expérience à la Gaîté Lyrique

Event Details

Start: 17th Mar 2022
End: 6th Nov 2022
La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, 750031

Event Description

A unique exposition-expérience awaits at the Gaîté Lyrique, a cultural center in the North Marais district that focuses on digital arts and modern music. Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté presents a series of installations using video projections, animations, impressions, photogrammetry, sculptures and spatial devices to create “carnal landscapes” and “dream architecture” somewhere between the physical world and the virtual world. To quote the website: “Her art is that of the alchemist, transforming matter into light, illusion into depth. She melds technologies into a poetic hybrid form with holograms, photography, and 3D animation.”

Event Categories: Art, Exhibitions