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  • Paris Day Trip to the Angers Apocalypse Tapestries

    By Sally Peabody

    Apocalypse tapestry detail. Photo: Adolphe William BouguereauAn easy day trip from Paris to Angers allows travelers the opportunity to view the world's largest known medieval tapestry, "The Apocalypse" at Château d'Angers. Panels from the 14th-century wool and weft tapestries tell biblical tales of apocalypse and redemption. Sally Peabody shares an inspired pilgrim's guide to visiting Angers in the Loire Valley.

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 09 November 2011 )
  • Disneyland Paris Halloween Festival Through October 2011

    By Lexy Delorme

    Photo courtesy of Disneyland Paris Resort.

    Disneyland Paris is Europe’s #1 tourist destination and over 230 million have romped with Mickey and Friends since its 1991 opening. Autumn low-tourist season is a great time to go, especially during the annual month-long October Halloween celebrations. Lexy Delorme previews the Halloweenmosphère unique in Paris at “Disney’s Halloween Festival!”

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 28 September 2011 )
  • Paris Day Trip: Auvers sur Oise and Van Gogh's Last Days (With Video Tour)

    By Michele Kurlander

    Auvers. Photo: M. KurlanderA day trip from Paris to Auvers sur Oise, just 30 kilometers away, makes for a pleasant day in a small pastoral village immortalized in paintings by Renoir, Cézanne, Manet and, most notably, Vincent Van Gogh. Michele Kurlander tells more about Van Gogh's final days at Auberge Ravoux and guides you to historic sites to visit today in Auvers sur Oise.

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 January 2012 )
  • Compiegne Day Trip: Royal Chateau, Famous Forest, WWII History and More

    By BP Editor

    Joan of Arc memorial in Compiegne.Compiègne offers opportunities to visit the royal Château de Compiègne where Marie-Antoinette was first presented to France, one of France's largest forests, a famous Joan of Arc statue, significant WWII sites to tour and even more. Here are highlights for an easy day trip from Paris to nearby Compiègne.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 January 2012 )
  • Five Paris Autumn Walks: Pere-Lachaise, Tuileries, Luxembourg, Buttes Chaumont, Monceau

    By Janet deAcevedo Macdonald

    Walk in Luxembourg Gardens Photo: ©bmiller1710 Warm days, cool evenings... autumn in Paris is the ideal time for quiet strolls that offer travelers recharging time and opportunities to simply "be" in a moment. Janet deAcevedo Macdonald guides you to five Paris places perfect for autumn walks: Pere Lachaise, Jardin des Tuileries, Luxembourg Gardens, Buttes Chaumont, and Parc Monceau.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 01 January 2012 )
  • Kid-Friendly Montmartre: Sacre Coeur, Dali Museum, Cooking Class, Little Train and more

    By Lexy Delorme

    Lucas & his dessert. Photo: ©Lexy DelormeAh, the pleasures of Paris: crawling through museums, people-watching at a sidewalk café, reading in a park, nightlife galore . . . but what if children are part of your group? Paris writer and mom Lexy Delorme found a day at Montmartre is perfect for families, with its little train, the Dalî Museum, artists square, a cooking class and the funicular!

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 01 January 2012 )
  • Solo Travel to Paris: Your Best Way to See Paris?

    By Shannon George

    You’re finally ready to take your dream trip to Paris, but for whatever reason, you're going alone. Don’t worry! Paris may be the most romantic city in the world, but it's also ideal for solo travel. Whether this is your first or fifth trip, Shannon George has tips to help you feel at ease and we won't be surprised if planned solo travel is in your future.

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 January 2012 )
  • Meandering in the Paris 7th

    By Karen Fawcett

    Travelers with limited time typically race between famous Paris landmarks and few have time to experience Paris as flâneurs, aimless strollers. BonjourParis publisher Karen Fawcett derives her greatest pleasure when she wanders in quartiers. Recently she saw some old favorites and even made a new discovery while meandering in the Paris 7th arrondissement.

    Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 November 2011 )
  • Paris Day Trip: Chartres

    By Dali Wiederhoft

    detail of Chartres rose in stained glass, Notre Dame de Chartres CathedralIf you can bear to leave Paris for just six hours including transportation time, consider visiting the magnificent Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres no matter your spiritual beliefs. Dali Wiederhoft has the "must-see" details and travel tips to guide you on your easy day trip to one of the most significant sites in the world, let alone France.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 December 2011 )
  • Moulin Rouge: History Behind Pigalle's Red Cabaret

    By Anna Meakin

    Moulin Rouge vintage publicity photo. The official Philippe Starck Histoire de Paris plaque before the world's most famous cabaret, the Moulin Rouge in Paris, only hints at its sensational origins. Anna Meakin was so intrigued she wrote a book called Paris by Plaque about some of the 675 markers, and here's her tale of how the Moulin Rouge went from scandalous to historically significant.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 January 2012 )
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