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Glamour Apartments


Who are we?

Glamour Apartment is an international real estate agency who are based in Paris but also have representatives in the South of France. Our dynamic, ambitious and multilingual team of specialists will accompany you through the whole process of renting or buying an apartment (or villa) in France.

Our agency has existed since 2008 and during this time, our exceptional work and relational talents has made us known in Paris and worldwide. We have made many clients happy and satisfied.

We are open to explore new markets and have recently participated in international real estate exhibitions in countries like Russia and China. We are equally open to collaborating a partnership with other agencies and international platforms.

A vast range of incredible services

For owners who want to rent or to sell their property, then we will:

  • Do a free estimation of the price
  • Take photos and publish an advertisement on our own site, or one of our international partner’s platforms
  • Provide an international customer reach
  • Follow the complete process of sale with notaries

Clients who want to rent or to buy a property will benefit from:

  • Receiving support to prepare the necessary documents for renting or buying
  • Our expert negotiation skills – ensuring you the best price with the owners
  • We help our clients to obtain a loan in a french bank (with 1,5%-2% of interest), open a bank account or create a family company
  • We calculate monthly payments and down payment
  • Reverse loan (on request)
  • For international clients we find a bilingual notary or a fiscal lawyer
  • In case of investment in the property for rent, we can propose to rent it for you after you buy (4-11% of return of investment per year)
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit for foreign buyers
  • Interior design
  • Services of an accountant who will take over the maintenance of your accounts for the apartment (including tax return)
  • Investment in commercial real estate: hotels, buildings, restaurants
  • Off-market hotels from 3 to 5 stars in Paris and the Côte d’Azur for sale

‘The City of Light’ is filled with fascination and beauty

For many years, Paris holds the reputation for being a well-known leader in tourist attraction. In 2018, the city led the ‘Top 10 destinations’ which overtook London and Rome – delighting 17.1 million tourists with its beauty.

We hope will be seeing you soon, whether you are a new or returning client – we welcome you.

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Glamour ApartmentsGlamour Apartment
29 rue de Lubeck, 75116 Paris
☏ +33 9 66 97 17 84, ☏ +33 6 98 76 57 75


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