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Bird’s Eye Views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower’s New Summer Terrace

Eiffel Tower Terrasse [1]
Eiffel Tower Terrasse

When the sun is shining in Paris, what could be better than sipping a cool drink at a sidewalk café? Here’s the answer: chilling at a brand new terrasse that’s perched 57 meters above the city. In big news for the summer, the Eiffel Tower has unveiled a new hang-out that offers birds-eye views over the French capital.

Located on the first floor, the 250m² terrace is equipped with armchairs, sofas, stools, coffee tables, and even deck chairs with pedals allowing you to charge your smart phone with the energy you generate.

Eiffel Tower Terrasse [2]
Eiffel Tower Terrasse


The coolest part of all: the furniture was all designed with recycled or recyclable materials made in France (like bean bags made with ship sails). Enjoy handmade ice cream (including the “double vanilla flavor made by award-winning pâtissier Philippe Urraca) and libations like rosé champagne (€10 a glass).

In the evening, the terrace morphs into a trendy lounge illuminated with LED lights. Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. See the Eiffel Tower’s official website for full details: www.toureiffel.paris [3]

Eiffel Tower Terrasse [4]
Eiffel Tower Terrasse